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Campus Cutie: Joey Mayo ’17

Name: Joey Mayo
Hometown: Paducah, Kentucky
Year: Junior
Campus Involvement: Golf team and SAE
Relationship Status: Single
HCR: If you could replace one of your arms with anything what would it be?Joey: A putter. Always have to work on the putting.
HCR: What song are you embarrassed to say you jam out to every time you hear it on the radio?
Joey: Single Ladies by Beyonce. Dance moves sometimes included.
HCR: Would you rather have a really ugly face and a super hot body or a really hot face and a super ugly body?
Joey: Really hot face and a super ugly body.
HCR: Top or bottom…bunk?
Joey: Definitely top bunk.
HCR: Who would play you in the Netflix original series about your life?
Joey: 1990s era Jerry Seinfeld
HCR: Worst date you have ever been on?
Joey: I went on a date to play mini golf and got beat. It was demoralizing. 
HCR: When/where/how old were you when you had your fist kiss?
Joey: I was in that awkward life stage known as middle school at a bonfire party.
HCR: And finally, I’m sure our readers are dying to know, are you currently crushing on anyone?
Joey: Yup, everyone is crushing on someone.
Mary Sanderson AKA Sary Manderson
Katie Keller Rhodes College Junior
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