An Assortment of Items That Got Me Through Freshman Year

All the things that weren’t on the packing lists your mom printed out from Google.

  1. 1. A Phone Pocket Sticker Thing

    I don’t know what I did before having one of these. As someone who loses her debit card and license 24/7, this thing saves my life on the daily.

  2. 2. A Fan

    This one goes out to humid Memphis months and the lack of air conditioning in dorm rooms. I most likely would have already melted into a puddle if it weren’t for this baby. While everyone else is complaining about not being able to sleep because of the heat, with one of these guys you can be asleep in your bed like a queen with your fan.

  3. 3. Venmo!!

    How did I survive this long without it? It wasn’t until college that I finally downloaded it and used it, and I have no idea why I didn’t do it sooner. Whether I’m paying for something I bought, paying a friend back, or even getting paid for babysitting, Venmo comes in handy in each situation. Long gone are the days when I would put off paying a friend back until I got cash, and then forget (for everyone who knew me before college, I probably owe each of you at least $10).

  4. 4. An Umbrella and Rain Boots

    This may come as a given for most people reading this, but I was shocked by how much more I notice the rain now that I have to walk across campus to get to class. Before coming to college, I never noticed just how helpful these are, as I was mainly walking from class to class within my high school. Also, as someone who never owned an umbrella and was gifted about twenty as graduation gifts, I can’t believe how great these things are. Why haven’t I been using them forever?

  5. 5. A Planner

    I never went anywhere without my planner in high school, and that hasn’t changed since I got to college. My heart rate increases and I break out into a sweat if I forget it in my room when I’m in the library doing work. I’ve never been a fan of using the calendar in my phone, and seeing everything all written out gives me a much better idea of what I have to do for the day. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to cross off a completed task?