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44 Thoughts Everyone Has While Making Their Tree

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.

1.      It’s already tree time? Wasn’t it just midterms?

2.      “Tree time.” I like that. Alliteration.

3.      No, I hate that. I hate tree time. Tree time’s the worst.

4.      Why is it called a tree? It’s not a tree. God created trees. Satan created this agglomeration of brackets.

5.      I’m a junior at Rhodes and I still have no idea how to make a tree.

6.      Okay wait. Maybe I remember.

7.      No…I really don’t. I’ll just wait for it to tell me “error” and then I’ll rearrange everything.

8.      Now that I’ve declared my major and met almost all of my foundation requirements, maybe I can only take 3 classes…

9.      No. Bad idea. I should graduate on time.

10.   I need to graduate on time.

11.   Okay time to start filling out this tree.

12.   Satan’s tree.

13.   Wait…I literally only have like 5 possibilities of classes I can I take…

14.   So do I just copy and paste them all over my tree…

15.   Can’t take this class yet because I need this class as a prereq, can’t take this class because it’s the same time of THIS class which I REALLY have to take before I’m a senior…


17.   Is that a sick joke?

18.   Who do you think I am, a masochist?

19.   Ugh.

20.   No. Nope. Not happening. No 8 am.

21.   Maybe I should take Russian.

22.   That was a joke.

23.   But would Intro Russian be easier than Business 466?

24.   Okay. Stay on track.

25.   Which class is going to go in A1?

26.   Which class do I feel most passionately about?

27.  …   

28.  …    

29.  …    

30.   Yeah okay picking randomly.

31.   But why do they call this a tree?

32.   This has forever changed my perception of trees.

33.   Is there like a psychological debriefing right after graduation that will help me think about trees normally again?

34.   Okay stop getting distracted.

35.   Copy…paste…oh whoops didn’t mean to copy this Buzzfeed link in this little tree-box. That’s for CRNs.

36.   Okay but I really need to post this Buzzfeed article on my roommate’s Facebook wall before I forget. 

37.   I’m going to go do that.

38.   …why do I have so many notifications

39.   Really, Judy? Trolling on my profile pictures from middle school? 

40.   I will destroy your Facebook statuses from 2009 Judy 

41.   I’m supposed to be making a tree

42.   Revenge > tree

43.   Everything > tree

44.   I’ll deal with the tree later. 


Hi! I'm Nathalie Vacheron, a senior at Rhodes hailing from Germantown, Tennessee. I love to write, I love to edit, and I'm in love with the voice Her Campus gives to women across college campuses. In addition to Her Campus, I'm involved in my sorority, Tri Delta, work in the Counseling/Health Center, am a First Year mentor, and love to run when I can. I'm a Business & Commerce major concentrating in management with a minor in Psychology. I hope to go into health administration, community health, or work for a non-profit (and write a book somewhere in-between...) xoxo