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26 Thoughts You Have the Week Between Mardi Gras and Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rhodes chapter.
  1. How did I make it back from NOLA alive…that was the most overwhelming experience of my life…
  2. Good thing I have something else overwhelming to look forward to…
  3. A whole week of it…
  4. Calendar gods, why did you have to be so cruel? I’m a senior—don’t play me like this
  5. I’m not only drowning in beads and regrets, but also 9820398 midterms. And a few last-minute assignments my professor have gleefully thrown into the mix.
  6. You know that scene from Hercules where the Fates snip Threads of Life with scissors, thereby ending the existence of their victims? And they do it with that sick, elated look in their eye?
  7. My professors are snipping my thread. I’m done. RIP me. I’m not going to make it to Spring Break.
  8. All I want in this world is to be tan.
  9. Don’t take that away from me.
  10. Please.
  11. Truthfully, I think I’ve slept a total of 8 hours in the past four days.
  12. And by that, I mean I slept 8 hours the night before last night in an attempt to avoid all commitments and responsibilities.
  13. No worries though, I can tell you assuredly I did NOT sleep well last night. I dreamed I missed my exam AND my spring break flight.
  14. Like…I’m already stumbling around in panic in real life, I don’t need that malarkey in my dreams too.
  15. How are people just now getting back from Mardi Gras though…? Was Friday through Sunday not enough…?
  16. I think I’ve had enough Mardi Gras for a lifetime.
  17. That was such a lie. I’m so going back next year.
  18. And the next year.
  19. And the next.
  20. Ugh so far away. But, at least SB is next week.
  21. Questionable as if I will actually make my 6 am flight. Or, you know, pass these exams.
  22. How many cups of coffee is too much?
  23. You know what. No such thing.
  24. It’s all gonna be ok.
  25. (It’s not)
  26. But…see you soon SB.

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