2020: Women in Media... Thus Far

2020 is the centennial of the 19th amendment’s ratification, giving women the right to vote. For that reason, it is, of course, the Year of the Woman. Aside from the disappointing Golden Globes, disappointing Oscar nominations, and bad twitter takes, how have women in media been doing? As bad as it seems, there are definitely things to celebrate.

Little Women

Yes, I know the movie came out in 2019, but only by a week, and it was snubbed first thing this year, so I think it deserves to be included. First things first, it was adapted & directed by a certified genius - Greta Gerwig, of Ladybird fame. ‘Nuff said. But even more than that, it features a main cast of incredible women - Saorise Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson, Laura Dern, & Eliza Scanlen. Any movie with a main cast powerful enough to sideline Timothée Chalamet is worth some attention. 

Grace & Frankie

A long-running show, but season six has just dropped, releasing a few new hours of quality time with two of America’s favorite older women. Jane Fonda, climate change avenging queen, and Lily Tomlin, gay icon and star comedian, getting up to ridiculous hijinks? Count me in. The show is so pure and honest, and centers its women loving women relationship with heartfelt adoration - something I’d like to see more of in comedy television. And to prove that people want to see more of this content? With its final seventh season already announced, Grace & Frankie will be the longest-running Netflix original ever. 

Sex Education

We all know and love the beautiful mess that is Moordale Secondary and the infamous “it’s my vagina” scene from the first season, but without getting into too many spoilers, the second season is back to say “women’s rights.” Gillian Anderson’s very presence on the show is an indicator of this, and her role as a sex therapist results in unparalleled words of wisdom. Multiple friendships develop from the first season, including Ola and the student assigned to help her adjust to Moordale, Lily. Of course, Aimee and Maeve’s friendship remains adorable and deserving of even more screen time. Much like Grace & Frankie, the second season of Sex Education realizes that teens are not the only interesting age group and also features more of the adults, especially older women’s, lives.

Of course, there have been many more releases that feature women and/or have been created by women, these are just a few of the ones I’m more familiar with. 

Honorable Mentions: Like a Boss, Birds of Prey (out next month), & Anne with an E.