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13 Winter Fashion Trends to Try

With winter here and the holidays closely following, it’s time to bring those sweaters and boots out of storage! Don’t skip over this years must-haves when making your Christmas list this year. This guide shows you the styles that are in and how to wear them. All you need to add is some holiday sass.
1. Emerald, Rust, Mustard
Why We Love It: According to InStyle Magazine, these gem tones will be everywhere this winter. Keep an eye out for jewelry pieces and sweaters in these tones.

2. Tuxedo Look

Why We Love It: The tuxedo look has come in and out of fashion; fortunately for us, it’s in right now. The two-piece (or one-piece) outfit makes for a perfect New Years get up. The masculine features of original suit make a beautiful contrast to the beautiful girl wearing the outfit.
How To Wear It: Wear a deep V-neck suit jacket with matching suit pants, both tailored to flatter your body. If you want to spice up the night, wear a skirt with your jacket or wear a sleeveless jacket! Because it is a masculine look, pair it with heels to balance out.  Or you could wear a tuxedo dress with a sassy pair of heels.

Tuxedo Dress: Afraid you can’t pull off a sleek tuxedo style? Banish those fears to the back of your closet. The Rachel Zoe Cameron dress is an ultra-feminine, ultra-sleek tuxedo-inspired piece from the celebrity stylist’s debut collection. Its top mimics a cool tux, but transforms into a curve-hugging dress. Finish with neutral 
3. Over-the-Knee Boots

Why We Love It: Over the knees bring boots to a new sexy. The over-the-knee boots elongate the calf for a flattering effect.
How to Wear It: Yet another reason we love these boots: there are endless amounts of ways to wear them! Pair them with skinnies and a blousy top, or a cute skirt or dress. An angled topline and buckled strap over the vamp style a flat boot inset with an elasticized back panel that stretches to fit. Flexible shaft fits cuffed or uncuffed to the knee.
4. Fur

Why We Love it: We just can’t get enough of fur these days. Whether it’s a jacket or vest, fur adds sophistication to any outfit. The best part of fur these days: faux is in! If you don’t think you’re bold enough (yet) to wear full fur, consider wearing a sweater or coat with fur collars or sleeves trimmed with fur.
How to wear it: There are endless options when wearing a fur vest. Pair it with a blousy ¾- long sleeve top. Wear a shirt made of rayon so the shimmer of the shirt adds a great contrast to the fur vest! Wear skinnies with over the knee boots or jeans with winter wedges to finish off the look! You can also wear a fur vest with a sleek black dress. A fur jacket also looks great with skinnies and boots. If your feeling daring, pair it with a leather skirt for contrast. A fashion tip: make sure the proportions are correct! If you feel like the vest is wearing you, feel free to zip it and belt it!
5. Uni-Colored Outfits

Why We Love It: This bold outfit instantly makes you stand out. White and black are obvious options, but this winter we want to expand into bolder colors, too. No one will doubt your confidence in this outfit.
How to Wear it: It doesn’t matter what type of pants your wearing, but trousers may be best. Try red, and pair it with a sheer top of the same color. You can break it up with a neutral belt, but make sure to match it with neutral shoes.

Forgo the basic black dress for your next event and be dazzling in white with this Rachel Zoe look straight out of the Fall 2011 look book. The head-to-toe cream shade is a charming alternative to the usual suspect dark shades while the tuxedo paired with a tie-neck blouse is an even more chic look than the most elegant cocktail dress or gown. Wear your hair back, add a pop of color to your lips and don your favorite platform pumps to complete your ensemble. Look 24 from the Fall 2011 collection
6. Relaxed Leather Jackets

Why We Love It: The new take on leather jacket adds comfort while maintaining a great look. The thinner material takes this jacket from winter into the spring.
How to Wear It: They go with everything! Pair it with jeans and a fancy top to wear out, or a t-shirt and scarf to go to lunch, or a sleep black dress to go out.  A relaxed leather jacket is a staple piece. This distressed leather jacket features suede trim at the draped, open placket. Asymmetrical hem. Ribbed knit insets at long sleeves. Lined.
7.    Big Knits

Why We Love It: If oversized sweaters aren’t relaxed fashion, then I don’t know what is. Knits look great over simple tank tops and your favorite pair of worn in skinnies, or even your go-to leggings. You can find these sweaters all over from XXI to Barney’s!
How to Wear It: Because of the oversized and exaggerated features of these sweaters, wear it over a modest tank top. To ensure that the figure doesn’t overwhelm your body, wear your hair in a cute bun or pony tail. Wear it with boots, winter heels, or rain boots for the perfect rain day outfit!
8. The Poncho or Cape

Why We Love it: This is the perfect piece to connect the world of fashion to the world of a college kid. We love the poncho because it is so easy to throw over your favorite pair of jeans and go to class in a flattering, fashionable look.
How to wear it:  If you are wearing an a-line poncho, it’s best to contrast the sway and fullness of your top half with figure defining skinnies on the bottom half.  To avoid overwhelming a short frame, wear heeled knee boots. If you are running late for class and want something more casual, pair your poncho and skinnies with Ugg booties and throw your hair in a messy bun! A synched poncho (one clipped or belted at the waist) looks great with an a-line skirt and some classic ridding boots.
9. 50’s

Why We Love It: Ladies, long hemlines are coming in. In fact, the fashion is channeling the entire 50’s era. Longer, feminine a-line skirts with matching jackets and conservative tops is vey much the style. 
How to wear it: Match the fabric and color of the skirt with the jacket. Thicker fabrics are in but if you choose to choose a lighter fabric keep the colors in the same color scheme.  Wear a gold skirt with a gold top.
10. Circular Specs

Why We Love It: The new tortoiseshell circular glasses are coming back. These spectacles give you an “I don’t care” look, but are still sexy.
How to Wear it: They can go with anything, but a sloppy bun and turquoise jewelry wouldn’t hurt.  To ensure you don’t hide the natural beauty of your eyes, apply mascara and liquid eyeliner to the top lid.

11.Bold Jewelry

Why We Love It: Statement jewelry has been around for a while now, but the new spin on it? Large sleek metal pieces for a brilliant, minimalist statement. The simplicity of a metal bib-meets collar necklace adds sexiness to any outfit. The bracelets and metal belts also add sleekness.
12.Bright Jeans

Why We Love It:  Jeans are always a go-to, but these days, bolder is in. Comfort meets fashion.
How to Wear It: Try on bright colored trousers or bright jeans. Because they are so bold, skinnies, tapered, or straight leg trousers are best.  Go for a neutral, fitted top so your outfit isn’t fitting itself. To ensure you aren’t overloading, wear heels to elongate your leg. To be more neutral, go for pleather skinnies. The pleather pants can be dressed up with heels or down with cute flats. Also consider “liquid leather” skinnies. They bring a little boost to your outfit.

Why We Love It: When you see Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian wearing the same hounds tooth dress, you know we have a new “it” thing.  We love hounds tooth because the smallest dose of it can spice of the simplest outfit.
How to Wear It: Wearing any print on your body can be challenging but it is so easy to make it work. There are hounds tooth jackets, purses, shorts, and dresses to wear. Pair it with simple black or white shirts and pants and you have a great outfit!
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pumps or sandals for a fresh look.

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