Why I Won't Ever Use The Term "Ex"

There are seasons where we have relationships and friendships, but over time they fade away. Afterward, we refer to the individuals we let go of as “our ex-boyfriend”, “our ex-girlfriend” or our “ex-best friend.”

Normally, I don’t always deeply analyze my word usage, but recently I started thinking about usage of the phrase, “my ex”. The issue I have with it, is it shows possession. Even we we let go of the connection we have with the person we love(d), we still refer to them as our something, (ex).

Now, stay with me here. Some of you may be thinking I am being over analytical and my thoughts are unnecessary, but let me ask you a question.

Would you continue to slightly hold onto something if God asked you to let go of it? All of it? Would you continue to hold onto something that you knew you needed to put completely in the past in order for a new season to come? And calling them your “ex” would bring back all the memories, good and bad?

For me, I am an all or nothing person, and to fully go into the next season of life, I usually have to let go of something completely.

Referring to someone as my “ex”, makes me think that they are still a part of my life, when they aren’t. I don’t want to refer to them as my “ex” in thirty years and keep holding onto them in a possibly negative connotation, when God calls us to fully let go and surrender in order for me to enjoy a new season.

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