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Black Friday is one of the most exciting American holidays. Besides the huge sales on almost everything, there’s the frantic shoppers who would do just about anything to get the last item they need for their New Year’s wardrobe, a new game system, or even a toy for their child. Since 2006, there have been 12 deaths and 117 injuries reported injuries associated with the sales holiday. Clearly, people get very excited about the deals offered this week, but what is Black Friday anyway?

According to TheBlackFriday.com, Black Friday has always been the day after Thanksgiving and used to be “unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season.” On this day, many stores slash prices in an attempt to get customers to purchase products at a cheaper price, but greater quantity. “In last few years (starting from 2013 to be precise), Black Friday Sales have started way before Friday,” meaning that totally online platforms like Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores with websites like Walmart and Target start releasing sales early.

The ‘black’ in Black Friday is a reference to the economic terminology “in the red” or “in the black.” Where red indicates losses and debt, back indicates profits. The term “Black Friday” spread in use by the Internet. Prior to 2003, people referred to the day as ‘Day After Thanksgiving Sale.’

Some prices are dropped so much that even things one did not desire before appear to be a good deal. (I almost bought an InstantPot earlier which is apparently one of the best-selling items on Amazon during this season.) Despite these great deals, Black Friday can also come with several dangers.

Surveys have shown that Walmart has the highest number of incidents during Black Friday (as if Walmart weren’t already crazy enough).

Not only that, but like a herd of wild animals, people trample others in order to get products. Yikes. It’s alarming to know that the second most common Black Friday incidents are shootings.

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