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Top 3 Summer Takeout Picks: Chesapeake

If you’re like me, you get lazy sometimes and decide cooking is too much effort. If you’re moving off campus to Chesapeake, live in the area, or are just looking to spice up your options, here are my takeout top 3 picks for Chesapeake. These three awesome restaurants serve delicious food and will deliver! They also happen to be a great addition to your summer menu if you’re looking to try new foods..

#3: Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Sakura specializes in delicious sushi and sashimi. If you eat at the restaurant, you’ll be treated to all you can eat sushi and japanese style appetizers. They offer a slightly more limited lunch menu for around $12 and a very full dinner menu for about $20. Both lunch and dinner are excellent and the servers are very friendly and helpful. Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to leave your couch. Fear not! Sakura offers there full menu as takeout or as delivery through OrderUp. On OrderUp you can take advantage of some awesome coupon deals that the restaurant offers. You’re able to order by the roll or sashimi by the piece, so you can always satisfy your sushi craving. My current favorite rolls are the Volcano Roll, Godzilla Roll, and Greenbrier Roll.

Pros: Delicious menu and extremely friendly service. I ordered takeout on valentines day and they gave me extra food and an adorable piggy-bank because they’re so cool.

Cons: As you might expect with a sushi restaurant, they are a little bit pricey. Rolls range from $5-$13 so this is probably not your everyday go to for takeout. Sometimes, you gotta treat yo self.

#2 Wingstop

Wingstop will help you satisfy your late night chicken wing cravings. This fast-casual stop for delicious chicken-y goodness is opened until 12 pm every night and is happy to serve you in person or give you your chicken to go. They have a variety of flavors ranging in spiciness levels, so there’s something for everybody. You can order bone-in or boneless (if you’re a heathen) wing options and cover them with your choice of 11 flavors including delectable sauces and dry rubs. Current favorites of mine include the Original Hot, Mango Habanero, and Louisiana Rub.

Pros: Late hours will help you satisfy your late night cravings. Wing prices are pretty reasonable for area standards and you can order for a party (50 wings for around $40). They also have a super convenient online ordering system.

Cons: Wingstop has pretty good service, but tends to be a bit slow. If you’re hungry make sure to order in advance.

#1: Racha Thai

Since I’m a lover of spicy food, Racha has become my go-to for takeout and delivery. They offer a wide variety of scrumptious Thai cuisine at a very affordable price. The first time I ordered from them was right before they were about to close, so I could no longer place an order over OrderUp. I called the restaurant to see if I could to takeout, the chef literally drove my food to my house with his apron on. What a cool guy! Racha is available on Grubhub as well as OrderUp and I’ve been impressed with literally everything I’ve ordered. Entrees range from around $8-$15 and there’s lots of customization options. You can choose what level of spicy you want (I usually go with medium or spicy). You also get to choose your protein, so Racha can be vegetarian friendly. Current recommendations are the Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Pineapple Fried Rice (which is literally served to you in half a pineapple).

Pros: Very reasonable price and big portion sizes (I usually have enough for a second meal). Extremely friendly service and even more delicious food.

Cons: Honestly, I have had no negative experiences with Racha, and I wish I could eat there every day… It’s really, really good food.

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