Striving for Succes By Finding Motivation

I don’t know about anyone else, but the closer I get to graduation (one more year), the less I’m motivated to get anything done. If you’re feeling like me, then this article is for you. If not, then keep reading anyway because you might feel this way some day, and you will need the encouragement.

Sometimes as we are going about our lives, whether it’s being a student or working a job, we tend to lose sight of why we started school or why we are working the job that we are at in the first place. When we lose sight of why we are doing it, we can lose the motivation to continue to give school or our job the best we have. Therefore, it’s important to take some time to reflect on school and our jobs: “Why did I want to come to college in the first place?” “Why did I apply for this job?” When we remember what motivated us to start school or go after that job, it can push us to keep going until we reach our initial goal.

Here are some other things that can help us all to stay motivated as we go on our journey as a student or on working at our jobs:

  1. Remember that, as a student, you have a graduation date and at the end you will have obtained an associate, bachelors or master’s degree.
  2. As a Christian, the desire to honor and glorify God can motivate you to do everything with excellence.
  3. The desire to make money and be financially stable can push you to work hard or learn to work smart.
  4. Desiring to be promoted to a certain position within the company you work for pushes you to go above what your job title requires.

Everyone has different reasons for what motivates them to keep going but, whatever the motivation may be, it pushes us to keep charging forward to reach all of our goals and dreams.