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Socktober Update

Remember when I urged you to pull out all those gently used socks you don’t wear anymore? 

Yes? Well thank you so much! 

On behalf of the HC Regent chapter and also on behalf of Union Mission, we would love to thank you all for having a heart of charity and serving. We collected a total of 116 pairs of socks in a variety of sizes and colors and we couldn’t have done it without you, Regent! 

I’ve been looking forward to delivering the socks to the Union Mission for a few days now, so it was a very exciting and heartwarming experience. When our president, Michaela Bonner, and I were driving over to the mission I tried to envision what it would be like to walk in and see the smile on the faces of workers and the needy. Upon arrival I experienced something a little different, though. 

I sensed the thankfulness of the woman at the front desk, but I received a different impression from the needy. Then I began to evaluate my own heart and I learned a lesson. 

Side note: if you read up on the other Socktober article, you know that we had a goal of 250 pairs of socks. 

As you may now see, we didn’t reach our goal. 

That shouldn’t have been my focal point, though. The majority of my excitement should have been a result of serving people, rather than solely coming from doing a cool outreach project and being able to write an article on it. 

Seeing the distressed faces of the people who roam our streets lacking shelter, clothing, and food opened my eyes. Their lack of excitement wasn’t related to Michaela and I bringing in 116 pairs of socks instead of 250 pairs of socks. 

Their lack of excitement was a result of the lifestyle they have- sleeping at a plethora of sites, eating from unseen places, and having limited unclean clothing. 

We didn’t meet our goal. That’s okay. We did meet the needs of at least 116 people who are in need, which is even better. 

Again, thank you all so much, Royals! This wouldn’t have been possible without your heart, help, and socks. 

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Hello there, beautiful people! My name is Monica and I am a freshman at Regent University, majoring in Psychology. As expressed through my HC articles, I have a passion for writing. I began my journey of creative writing during my freshman year of high school, and it's a hobby that really stuck with me. I have love for people, nature, and coffee! I hope you all find interest in what you read here. Love, Monica
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