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This past weekend was an amazing weekend for me. I visited my all time favorite city: Washington, D.C. and I had brunch at…the White House. It was one of the best and most inspiring experiences of my life. I was invited as part of a summit for young black entrepreneurs, so that made it all the more special. We walked in and were treated like important state representatives. There was a professional jazz band, the absolute best food and drinks, and we were able to hear from the president of the United States himself. He told us about some policies and he also encouraged us as young leaders. It was an experience I will never forget. I mean, how many people can say they have had brunch at The White House? Especially young black people?!

I arrived Thursday afternoon and got to visit one of my favorite buildings in DC. I visited the Capitol building. In undergrad, I interned for my congressman over summer break and one of our tasks was to actually give tours of the capitol building. So I know the capitol really well, but even so, every time I go I always see something new. Everything is beautiful on the capitol building from the architecture to the wonderful array of people who are touring the greatest country in the world’s capital.

As a small side note, DC is a walking city. You walk a lot and take trains. Now, I’ve been candid about my health and weight and one of the biggest reasons I have wanted to lose weight is to be able to walk and enjoy places like this without getting out of breath or having to constantly stop. And while I haven’t completely reached my health goals, this trip was a breeze compared to other trips. I am doing well and I encourage those of you struggling to keep going. When you aren’t worrying about your weight, adventuring is much less stressful and much more fun. Keep going. Don’t give up. It will be totally worth it.

Now, to end, I have to say that the main reason I love Washington, D.C. is because it is the capital of the US, and the United States is such a great country. I mean we have our issues, but it’s overall the greatest country (though I guess I could be a little biased). Being in DC always makes me happy. There is such a different feel in the air there. Everyone’s young and vibrant. Not only is everyone vibrant, but everyone has big dreams. I have never met anyone in DC that didn’t have some sort of goal or great aspiration. I love being around people who have big dreams and big ambitions. Honestly, if you have big dreams and big ambitions you should surround yourself with others who do as well. And for me, that is D.C.

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