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A Playlist of Not Basic Songs if You’re in Love This Valentine’s

Love songs are so popular and they always have been. They can be relatable, fun, quirky, catchy and everything in between. However, some love songs get so much more hype than others. It’s not to say that they’re bad songs but come on. How many more times will we listen to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” or Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”? It’s time to switch it up! From this desire, an eclectic playlist of songs for both crushes and enduring love was born. 

Indigo by 88rising and NIKI

This is a flirty little bop about exploring the possibilities. As NIKI said, the word ‘indigo’ is open to interpretation but for her, “obviously [indigo] literally meant the night sky, but it metaphorically and symbolically meant kind of just like one’s energy.” 

Nothing by Jeremy Passion

In this track, Jeremy Passion sings of an enduring love that survives the harshest of conditions and even that natural aspects of the world like gravity.

Written in the Stars by John Legend and WENDY

This is a romantic collaboration between John Legend and Wendy, a talented star from the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Her powerful voice is well-suited to the R&B style that John Legend carries which melds into this heartfelt ballad. 

Floating by Alina Baraz and Khalid

Another collaboration between two singers that encaptures (at least partially) what it feels like to be in love: to notice how they move, thinking about every word they’ve said and waiting for that text from them. 

Lucky by Chelsea Cutler and Alexander23

This is a sweet song about both the greatness of being in love and how wonderful it feels to be heard while not ignoring the fear of a break up. As Alexander sings, “Sometimes I wish you would’ve stayed in my dreams ’cause now that you’re real, now I could lose you.” 

Lips on Lips by Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young, a previous member of Girls’ Generation a kpop girl group, captures the rose-colored glasses situation that happens when meeting someone new. Particularly (if it wasn’t obvious), she sings about the sincerity of his kisses and she’s totally loving it. In an interview with Refinery29, she says the song “Lips on Lips” represents the “pleasant and romantic moments.” 

move! by NIKI

This is another song about the “crushing” experience. Here, NIKI sings about the yearning that one can have while crushing. She says “‘Cause I can’t get the sound of [their] name off my lips [and] said a little more than I’d like to admit.” 

Easy by Mac Ayres

This is a nice an chill track about how much one can love another. Sometimes you don’t see it happen but before you know it, you find that loving them is easy. 

By Chance (You & I) by JR Aquino

This song is so sweet because it’s clear that he cares a lot about whoever he’s singing to. He understands the awkwardness of trying to talk to a crush, asking himself after his opening line, “why did I say that?” He even imagines all the way to the wedding. Aww. 

Distant Romance by Sheryl Ann Padre 

In this song, sweet lyrics with a sad twinge of sadness are sung over an acoustic guitar. Sheryl Ann Padre sings about someone she loves that has gone away and says that, for now, it’s a distant romance. 

Coffee by Tori Kelly

This track is a little sadder than the others on the playlist. Tori Kelly sings her heart out about missing someone so badly that she envies the things that are around him like his cup of coffee that his lips touch every morning. No, it’s not weird, it’s romantic

Know Me by Anthony de la Torre

This is a song that perfectly captures the feeling of having a crush and wanting to be close to them while fearing that if they really know the real youthey might not like what they find. 

Slow Dance by AJ Mitchell featuring Ava Max

AJ Mitchell got his start on Instagram and Youtube at a young age. Now 18, he managed to create a song that gave rhythym to the chemistry that happens between two people that simultaneously crush on each other. 

Forever Ain’t Enough by J. Holiday 

J. Holiday, an artist based in Washington D.C., has been known for singing sensual songs, but this track is all about true love. He sings about love that endures the millions of little fights, sees who he really is and grows every day. 

Love Me Now by John Legend

Yes, this song is more well-known than some of the others on this playlist, but come on. John Legend is the king of love ballads. This song is about a love that is so passionate that it doesn’t worry about whether it will survive in the future. It’s all about the now. 

Latch by Sam Smith

“Latch” is a great song about being in love and how there is a time where the relationship becomes more serious and commitment needs to be discussed. The acoustics give this song another layer of sentimentality.

Adore You by Miley Cyrus 

“Adore You” is such a wonderful alternative to the basic “I love you.” This song is how Miley Cyrus defines what it means to adore someone. In the chorus, she sings “When you say you love me know I love you more and when you say you need me know I need you more. Boy, I adore you.” 

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys 

This song is a classic R&B hit. Alicia Key’s emotional melodies sing a song of love that doesn’t need anything but love. 

I Like You Lots by LANY

This is a more upbeat addition to the playlist and the message is simple: “You are my number one, baby. I like you lots.” 

Love is a Wild Thing by Kacey Musgraves

Maybe it’s an odd addition to the playlist because it’s a country song, but that doesn’t make it any less of a goodie! For Kacey Musgraves, love is like nature— uncrontrollable, instinctive, and pleasant. 

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Tiyra is a senior at Regent University studying English with a concentration in communications. No, she does not want to be a teacher. She is a total advertising and marketing geek (she reads Adweek every morning and AdAge every month). She enjoys writing, reading, learning new things, and good music. She is a fan of Korean dramas, they're a lot of fun! If you're looking for her, you can normally find her where the free food is.
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