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It’s Man Crush Monday so I’m here to tell y’all about one of my many, many crushes. And hopefully, by the end, he’ll be one of yours as well! His name is Wooseok Jung, and he is a rapper as well as a member of Pentagon, a South Korean band. This is his cute face:



This is also his face. Because, honestly, it’s so good it’s worth a second look. (Also I just really wanted to include this picture because he’s cute AF here)


He’s pretty young, only 21, which makes him one of my few MCMs that is actually younger than me and not older by ten or so years (looking at you Chris Evans-Pratt-Hemsworth-Pine). So yeah, he’s young, but he is extremely talented. Not only does he write his own raps, but he also has helped write lyrics for some of South Korea’s biggest summer bangers, like Wanna One’s Energetic. Not only that, but one of the queens of the K-pop industry, Hyuna herself, had him feature on one of her songs. He’s certainly got the skills to pay the bills! Oh, and did I forget to mention he’s like 6’3?

Unf! Not just that, but he can really rock long hair, which is another one of my (many, many) weaknesses.



He can also do the alternative, punk-y look super well.


That lip ring may be fake but my feels are so, so real! But Wooseok isn’t just amazingly talented and good looking. He’s also super sweet and socially conscious, which is always a win in my book!  Wooseok regularly paints his nails, and not just black! He has a wide range of colors, including shiny gold and light pink! Of course, they look great on his (very) large hands, but the aesthetic isn’t the main point here. Wooseok’s painted nails are a part of the Polished Man campaign. Men who participate in this campaign to raise awareness of child abuse paint their nails, usually just a pinky, but they can do more. If you want to know more, check the campaign out here.


Ok, heavy stuff aside, Wooseok is also my MCM because my boy loves food, and I can really get on board with that!



Okay, let me reel in my fangirl a little. But, before you go, I really do recommend that you check out some of his music. Of course, I love that he’s (really, really) cute and socially conscious and a foodie to boot, but mostly I love him because of his amazing voice and wonderful musical talent. So, there are a couple of songs that you should check out if you’re interested in learning more about this absolutely amazing guy. One is Lift Off, and the other is I’m a Star. Enjoy!

Alright. One last super cute gif just for good measure and then I’ll go!

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