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A List Of Ten Good Aspects Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Regardless if you are a Star Wars fan or not, you know that The Last Jedi came out mid-December.

You also must have heard that the reviews for the second movie in the new trilogy were, unfortunately, not so good. So many negative news circled the Internet in mere hours following its release. Fans basically requested the beheading of Rian Johnson (the director of The Last Jedi), petitions were started to remove The Last Jedi from the official canon, and people blamed Disney for trying to “ruin” the Star Wars franchise. While I do agree that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not that great, I do not think it was completely terrible. The movie had some good aspects to it, and here are a list of ten of them:

1. KYLO REN!!!

Aside from Kylo Ren being dark, handsome, awesome, and the right amount of emo/angst-y, he’s amazing in The Last Jedi. Personally, he was the biggest reason why the movie did not completely suck for me, and his apparent, conflicting crush on Rey (who rejected him like everyone else in his life) made my heart hurt for him. This movie confirms that Kylo Ren is not a total bad guy and that he did nothing wrong (well…except for, you know…kill his dad…) because Luke drove him to the dark side.

2. Captain Phasma!

While she was (sadly) not in The Last Jedi all that much—and we (also sadly) did not get to know her backstory before she died—Captain Phasma was a good aspect of The Last Jedi. I’ve liked Captain Phasma since The Force Awakens. It was cool to see a female leader in charge of all the Stormtroopers on the dark side. Her attitude and silver outfit was awesome.

3. BB-8

Even though the writers had BB-8 doing some unrealistic things in The Last Jedi—like somehow stealing a ship and saving Finn, Rose, and DJ from being captured—BB-8 was a great and undoubtedly the cutest aspect of the movie. No matter what BB-8 does, he gets a pass because he’s adorable.

4. Modern Master Yoda

It is only because we haven’t seen Master Yoda since the prequels that he is on this list. He did not contribute much to the movie, nor was his brief appearance in it particularly memorable. Depending upon one’s opinion of his appearance, a good thing about Jedi Master Yoda appearing in the movie was being able to see a modern, 2017 CGI version of him.

5. We See Luke Do Something Again

Similar to the point above, Luke Skywalker is only on this list because this is the first time in this new trilogy that we actually see him do something. In this movie he talks, (sort of) trains Rey, and (sort of) faces off against his ex-apprentice, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. While most Star Wars fans agree that the lasting impression of Luke is negative—for he ruined Ben and had a meaningless death—his overall, abundant inclusion in the movie is positive.

6. Leia

Leia is an iconic and fan-favorite character, and because the actress who played her died about a year ago, Leia’s appearance in the movie was a positive aspect for many fans. Unfortunately though, General Leia Organa was not immune from the negative writing of The Last Jedi. Viewers of the Last Jedi are still scratching their scalps about how untrained Leia used the force to save herself from an outer space death. I love Leia, but a death in space would have been just fine and much more sensible for the character and movie.

7. Finn is Awake!

Yay! He’s awake…and, honestly, that’s all I can say about Finn. His role in The Last Jedi was okay at best, and truly nothing to write home about.

8. New Star Wars Characters

I personally believe that new characters are always a positive aspect of a story because they add something original to a story, whether if it is good or bad. Unfortunately, Rose Ticio, Vice Admiral Holdo, and DJ the traitor did not really bring that much to the table in their overall usefulness to the movie, and their characters will most likely not go down to becoming fan-favorites.

9. Chewbacca is Doing Well Without Han Solo, and That’s Good

Yep. He is. And that’s good.

10. Porgs

In speaking of Chewbecca, while I personally did not like the Porgs—nor thought of them as cute—many Star Wars were head over heels over the whining, bird creatures. Because there are countless pop culture articles about the Porgs being the best part of the movie, they are part of this list.

That’s all, folks! What are some other good aspects you thought about The Last Jedi?

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