A Letter To My Friends

As my time as a college student comes to an end, I can look back and say I made it. I've changed in so many ways and I know I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't meet the friends I did.

All of them have been a huge blessing.

This is a thank you letter to them:

Friends, thank you for all the memories we created. For the laughs and the cries, you were always by my side.

Thank you for challenging me to be more like Christ, and to be a better person. Without you, I wouldn't have stepped into my true identity, loving myself the way Jesus loves me.

Thank you for the sunrise parties at the beach, getting pancakes afterward and laughing about our professors.

Thank you for the late night study sessions, rushing to get things done and editing each other's papers and projects.

Friends, thank you for all of the coffee dates, where we talked about deep theological concepts, and challenged each other in our faith and our walks with the Lord.

Thank you for all the prayer, worship and impromptu bible studies.

Thank you for the encouraging words that helped me see myself more clearly.

Thank you for all the funny conversations and the late night Cookout, pizza and ice cream binges.

Friends, thank you for the Holy Spirit parties, writing encouraging notes to those we felt led to give. Thank you for showing me a piece of God’s personality that he created in you.

Thank you for the times we ran to the chapel at midnight, worship dancing on the stage, giving God our all.

Thank you for all the memories that I will never forget; they made me who I am today.

Friends, thank you for all the adventurous drives to the beach and the many other places we went, singing our heart out to the songs on the radio.

When I walk across that stage to get my diploma, all I can say is thank you, because every time I wanted to give up, you, my friends, have pushed me forward. You've encouraged me in my gifts, talents and skills.

I wish you all the best, and I pray we will keep in touch.

I can't wait until Heaven, where we can all be together, worshiping God in community.

See you later, my beloved friends!

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