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It’s Christmas Time. And You Cannot Stop Me



I know what you’re going to say. “It’s too early!” “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” “There’s a whole month until December!” And other various expressions of general distaste towards Christmas and the Christmas season (and also joy, happiness, and peace, but hey, I’m just sayin’). But the key point here is that I just don’t care. Yeah, I guess that sounds bad but it’s the truth. I am going to play all my favorite Christmas songs, put up cute decorations, and enjoy all my favorite Christmas season meals and drinks. And I honestly don’t care how you feel about it.


See, I’ve always been the kind of person to let people enjoy what they enjoy, as long as it is not hurting anyone, and I have done that for everyone else on their favorite holidays. If your favorite holiday is Easter, have at it! I will help you hide Easter eggs and I may (may) even go to a sunrise service with you. You love the Fourth of July? Okay then! Pop the firecrackers and fire up the grill and I’ll swing by in my best red, white and blue! Heck, if you’re into, I dunno, Reformation Day, I’ll gladly help you put the Ninety-Five Theses on every door we can find! All I ask is that people stop shaming me for genuinely enjoying the time set aside for celebrating the birth of Jesus.


I just want to play Handel’s Messiah on repeat, drink a frankly sickening amount of eggnog, and gleefully search for just the right gift to make all my favorite people smile. So, no, I can’t and won’t apologize for that or minimize my joy just for you.


I’d also like to point out that the vast majority of people who give me crap for loving Christmas are people whose favorite holiday is Halloween. And usually one of their first arguments is that Christmas is too commercialized. Well, I don’t know if you’ve been into any stores before or during Halloween, but, honey, Halloween is not any less commercial. Between decorations, costumes, and candy, people can end up spending just as much money on Halloween. And I’m not judging that. You should spend your money on what makes you happy (within reason of course). And if skulls, cobwebs, and fake blood are what makes you happy, then go straight ahead! And if tinsel, funny Christmas tree decorations, and an honestly astounding amount of eggnog (just so so much eggnog) are what makes me happy, then I will do the same, thanks.


I have to apologize if my tone comes across too harsh; I’m just sick of being judged for enjoying something that is objectively good and definitely not worse than whatever everyone else enjoys. I get that some people have negative emotions and memories attached to Christmastime, and I even have a few, but in general, my memories of Christmas are the kind that keep me happy and alive. There is nothing inherently wrong with gift-giving, good cheer, and good will towards all. So, if you need me, I’ll be in the corner with a big smile on my face, soaking in the sights and sounds of my absolute favorite time of the year.

A senior English major at Regent University. Mostly just a word nerd who also happens to be in love with film and K-pop. Always in search of new experiences, food, and friends. Feel free to come say hi on Twitter or Instagram
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