If You're Gluten Or Dairy Free, You Need These Six Foods ASAP

About a month ago, I let go of two of my greatest loves: dairy and gluten. It was a hard decision, but extremely worth it. This began my adventurous journey of finding food I can eat, especially good dairy and gluten substitutes. 

1. So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream​

My new diet has definitely left me missing ice cream. I’ve even had dreams where I was eating a glorious bowl of vanilla ice cream, and I woke up sad, remembering that I can’t do that anymore. However, as I was scanning Kroger’s for dairy-free ice cream, I stumbled upon So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream.

It's amazing! I bought the vanilla flavor and personally think it tastes even better than regular vanilla ice cream. Even better? I don’t feel gross from all the processed sugar in regular ice cream, because So Delicious is also sugar free! 

2. Trader Joe’s Mayo Substitute

Originally, I bought this mayo inspired spread at Trader Joe’s as a last hope for sandwiches. Let me tell y’all, I bit into a sandwich made of this and was pleasantly surprised by the similar taste it has to real mayonnaise. This vegan spread has no eggs or dairy, is all natural and has healthy ingredients as well! 

3. Rice Pasta

Growing up consisted of many pasta dished throughout the week. I have really missed real pasta this past month, but I did happen to find brown rice penne pasta at Trader Joe’s, and you can find gluten free pasta at almost any grocery store. It is usually made of rice and/or quinoa. With a little (or a lot of) marinara sauce, you’ll never know you’re not eating real pasta.

4. Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer 

Trader Joe’s offers a large selection for individuals with food allergies. I bought this coffee creamer to have with my coffee, and it is similar to regular creamer. The consistency is a little thinner than regular cream, but it is dairy, gluten and soy free. 

5. Luna Bars

I have been buying Luna Bars for the past year, because they are made with few ingredients. They also come in a large variety of flavors like banana bread, peanut butter chocolate cookie and blueberry.

Luna Bars are non-GMO, organic, gluten and dairy free. Some people may think they taste too healthy, but I loved them from the start. They are also great to take with you to class. 

6. Vega Plant-based Protein Powder

Currently, I am staying away from meat for a month, so I need protein from non-animal sources. Vega Plant-based Protein Powder comes in vanilla, chocolate, coconut almond, berry, tropical and natural flavors. They also offer protein powder designed for sport athletes, so they can get the extra needed protein. They are non-GMO and certified gluten-free.

I usually use Vega to make morning shakes and smoothies. It tastes great! Finding substitutes that taste great has made this diet change a lot easier.