I Am Thankful For Health

At the beginning of month, I said that I would be writing five things that I’m thankful for during each week of November. I hope so far that you’ve enjoyed reading what I’m thankful for! I hope that it has inspired you to be thankful for what you have in your life as well.

This week, I am combining what I’m thankful for with the topic of health. We all know that it is important to be healthy; therefore, we must do the things necessary to remain healthy or to be healthier. This mean eating right and exercising, because those are the common and most effective ways for being healthy. Being healthy has never easy for me, because I’ve always been overweight, even as a kid. But when I was a teenager I did lose over 50lbs, so I know that this healthy lifestyle that I’m embarking on now can be achieved.

By now you’re probably wondering, “Ok, so where does being thankful come into place?” Well to answer your question, here are five reasons I’m thankful for health and the healthy lifestyle change that I have been trying to make.

1. Being healthy feels great.

It’s not just in how you look, but internally everything is operating the way it should because you’ve made the right food choices and exercised. When we do these things, we’re able to perform daily tasks with excellence, and make other good decisions for our lives. It also feels good to have energy and not feel so tired and sluggish.

2. Being healthy reduces the risk for disease.

One of the main reasons I am trying to get healthy is because of the risk for disease if I don’t. there are so many diseases out there where being overweight is a pathway to developing one or more. Also, I know based on my family history that there are certain diseases that I’m more prone to get, so I want to reduce my chances of getting them.

3. Getting healthy is not easy.

You’re probably thinking, “Why would you be thankful that getting healthy isn’t easy?” I’m thankful because when I finally become determined enough to keep going and not stop this process of getting healthy, I will have gained some self-control, motivation, determination and discipline that I need for my life. All those principles will spill over into the choices I make as it pertains to my finances, career, relationships, etc. I also will not take for granted the process that I will take to get me there, and I won’t be willing to let go and stop making healthy choices like I did after the first time that I lost weight.

4. It will help me to have even more of a positive self-image.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t lack a lot of confidence, and I don't think that I’m not beautiful. But I do know that I will gain more confidence in myself when I’m at a healthier weight and I actually feel healthy. I don’t feel as healthy as I would like; I need to change that so I can have all the confidence that I need to can continue to slay!

5. Shopping will be easy and less expensive.

I love shopping, and my lovely mother enjoys telling me that I’m a shopaholic. But shopping isn’t always easy when you’re plus size. I can’t go into store and just pick something up; I must try it on. Some stores I avoid going into altogether, because I know that they don’t cater to plus size individuals. Along with that, the stores that do cater to plus size individuals only give us these excluded little corners to shop in that don’t offer a variety of clothing. Also, sometimes plus size stores have clothes that will make you look older. Not all plus size people are old! Not only that, but plus size clothes and shoes tend to be more expensive. I will be so thankful when my healthy choice will result in me dropping some clothing sizes, so I can buy clothes in the regular sections of the stores and it won’t be so expensive.

Pray for me as I embark on this healthy lifestyle change, and if you’re trying to get healthy too, you can do this! I believe in you. 

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