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Spring is in the air! What does spring mean to you? For some it is nicer weather, the beginning of the end of a semester. For others it means hope, renewal. On the other hand, beware, freshmen! Beware of the “ring by spring.” (And stay away from that Regent water!)

One common theme associated with spring is resurrection. It seems the flowers, trees, and bugs all come back to life in this season. It is also the season that Easter is celebrated; an entire holiday focused on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Ah, yes. The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is told every year. Just as Christmas is not all about Santa and presents, we are reminded that Easter isn’t about the bunnies, the eggs, or the peeps.  Sorry, peeps.

Jesus’ death and resurrection is about salvation; our hope. Many people know the story. God is perfect and cannot allow sin into His presence. For such disobedient and sinful beings as humans, it would be impossible to get into Heaven and have everlasting life with God if we tried to do it on our own. That is why Jesus lived on earth, fully human and fully divine. He experienced human temptation but lived a sin-free life in order to be the perfect sacrifice. On the cross, He took on the sin of the whole world. Anyone who accepts Him into their heart and believes in Him is washed clean of any sin on their record. Not only this, but He has given us the strength to resist the powers of darkness on earth. In a twisted and broken world, He is our hope.

It was a hard time for the Disciples when Jesus was arrested and crucified. They were scattered and in hiding with their Lord dead. The death of Jesus was very sad, but it was for a purpose. It was God’s plan to redeem mankind. It was foretold that Jesus would rise again.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a tough season. School and work can be overwhelming.  Finances, health, and sin are all things we deal with daily. Just remember that we are already victorious over our fears and anxieties through Jesus. His sacrifice gave us authority over our lives through, hope.

So, hang in there this semester, and remember to take time and enjoy the beauty in the changing world around you!

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