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Here’s What You Need To Decorate Your Dorm For Fall

Fall is coming, and the weather is already showing signs that Autumn will officially be here soon. One of my favorite things to do for Fall (and pretty much every season) is decorating the rooms in my home accordingly. I’ve already started doing so, and I have every year that I’ve lived in a dorm room. So, in this article I will give you some of the ways I go about decorating for the fall!

When I was living in the dorms at Regent, one of the very first things I would do to make my dorm look festive for the season is to decorate the outside of my door. One year I created a tree full of leaves with some looking as though they were falling. And I also placed a phrase beside it that said, “Fall into Autumn”. Not only was it cool for others to look at when they walked by, I low-key enjoyed people knocking and giving me compliments.

If you don’t necessary want to go over the top, a simple way to decorate for the season is by placing fall stickers on the windows and magnets on the refrigerator. It just brings an extra touch to your windows and kitchen.

Another way to decorate for the fall season is by decorating your dining table and making it look festive, whether you choose to stick with a regular fall theme, include thanksgiving, or make something cute for Halloween.

Other simple but cute ways to decorate is to buy wall art for the fall, and cute little trinkets to sit around your dorm, which also adds a cute decorative touch to your room.

Lastly, two of my favorite DIY projects is to create my own wreaths and decorate pumpkins. If you’re not that creative, then just buy these items for your own convenience. But creating your own fall wreath and getting to be creative with the way you decorate your pumpkins is so fun, and a good bonding experience if you do it with roommates and friends! Once you’re done, you can place them outside your door or leave the pumpkin inside to look at for your own viewing pleasure.

I hope these ideas help get you started on channeling the interior decorator within you and making your living space look amazing for the fall season!

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