HCRU Writer Spotlight: Tiyra McLaughlin

This week, HCRU highlighted one of our own writers, Tiyra McLaughlin!

Her Campus (HC): What's your major and emphasis?

Tiyra McLaughlin (TM): I’m an English major with a concentration in communications.

HC: What's your favorite part of being a writer for HC?

TM: I like to write articles like what I see on Buzzfeed and Snapchat. I read them all the time, so I think it’s fun to create some fun and interesting content that someone else can procrastinate with.

HC: Do you prefer to "work-ahead" or procrastinate?

TM: I think my previous answer answers this question, but I’m definitely a procrastinator. I know I shouldn’t and it’s a bad habit or whatever, but I still get decent grades and produce good quality work. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

HC: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

TM: I’m a people person. When people are around, I’m genuinely energized. I wouldn’t declare myself a morning person or night owl. As long as I’m not tired, I’m normally in a pretty good mood. Some mornings I skip classes and some nights I go to bed at 7. It depends on the day, weather, and how the stars align.

HC: What's your writing process like?

TM: An idea usually passes through in conversation or experience. I jot down my ideas on my phone and I keep a running list of topics I’d like to write about. Then I flesh them out with details. For example, if it’s a procedure, I write the steps. If it’s on real life events, I write the important details. I don’t plan too much though. My voice in writing comes through best when I wing it while keeping in mind important points. I try not to get caught up in what other people might like. I just write what I like. Then I assume there’s some other weird procrastinator that likes to read what I like to write.

HC: What's your favorite class that you're in right now?

TM: My favorite class is public speaking. My professor is hilarious and always has interesting true stories. His teaching methods are unorthodox, but I think that’s the best way to teach public speaking. While there are rules to follow with content, he actually helps us learn about things like body language and how to make people trust you even when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Those are skills that can be used outside of class.

HC: What would you tell a person who's thinking about writing for HC?

TM: It’s really fun and relaxed. I’m writing as a contributor now, but I’ve done more than two articles. It’s not like anybody judges me for the article idea I have and getting feedback is nice. I would encourage anyone who’s thinking about writing for HC to consider whether they like to write at all. It doesn’t have to be fun fluffy stuff, it can be about real issues in the real world. If you want your voice to be heard, you should definitely join HC.

P.S. Writers for HC don’t have to be female. If you’re a guy and like to write, then you’re in luck because HC doesn’t care about your gender as long as your content is interesting and relevant.