HCRU Interviews: Craig Welsh

This week, HCRU highlighted Craig Welsh and got some great relationship advice from a guy's perspective!

Her Campus (HC): Major and Emphasis?

Craig Welsh (CW): “I am a history major with no specific emphasis.”

HC: Do you prefer to "work-ahead" or procrastinate? 

CW: “I definitely work ahead. I hate procrastination. So I usually create a step by step plan to help me stay ahead of the game.”

HC: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

CW: “I am a night owl. I'm usually up binge watching Netflix or doing some type of carpentry.”

HC: What's your favorite class that you're in right now? 

CW: “My favorite class is currently History of Latin America. I like it because it's taught in the classical way.”

HC: Do you enjoy working for the university? 

CW: “Oh yes, definitely. I work for facility services, and I like it a lot. It involves working with my hands, which is something I really enjoy doing, and it's just a fun job, all around. I also get paid, so that's a plus.”

HC: Do you have any relationship advice?

CW: “Never under any circumstance, rush things. Also if there's an issue, never ever email your better half about it; talk to them either in person or on the phone.”

HC: What is your go-to drink at Cafe Moka?

CW: “Hazelnut latte.”

HC: Have you watched any good shows or movies recently? If so, what were they?

CW:”CSI: New York

Iron Fist

Rogue One

Doctor Strange

Collateral Beauty

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

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