HCRU Interview: Randal Gooddine

This week, Her Campus at Regent University interviewed the president of Regent's American Machinery Club, Randal Gooddine.

Learn a little about him and this new club!

(Her Campus): What is your major?

(Randal Gooddine): I am currently a cybersecurity major.

(HC): What would you like to do with a degree in cybersecurity?

(RG): I would love to work for a federal agency. But my long-term goal is to open a business of my own to inform people about the best internet security practices.

(HC): What does the ACM Club do?

(RG): I’m currently the President of the Association of Computer Machinery Club. This club teaches individuals about information systems, how they work, and how to prevent vulnerabilities. We also tentatively schedule trips to other colleges to attend events in which we learn how others work in the information technology world.

(HC): What encouraged you to take a leadership position in this club?

(RG): I strongly believe I have the personality and skills to lead the group, and I’m an unorthodox leader. People can help me along, and I can help them in return; rather than others just learning from me.

(HC): What do you hope for the club to achieve in the next two semesters?

(RG): More hands-on experience because in the IT world it’s so vital to have hands on experience, because you can know how to read a book but if you don’t know how to operate a machine, what good is it to read a book that says, “this is how a machine works” and do nothing with that knowledge? This club will promote hands-on experience.

(HC): How would you encourage someone to join?

(RG): Anyone, not strictly for cybersecurity majors or information technology majors, who has a passion for computers, could join. I’d let them know we have fun! We don’t just sit behind computer screens: it’s more than that. We socialize, we go to events at different colleges, and we all just learn from each other.

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