HCRU Interview: Michelle Alvarez

This week, Her Campus at Regent University interviewed one of Regent’s graduate students, Michelle Alvarez.

Read on to learn what advice she had to share with us!

(Her Campus): What is your major?

(Michelle Alvarez): Master’s of Divinity

(HC): What has been your favorite class at Regent University?  

(MA): My favorite class was a class on the Book of Revelation.

(HC): What has been your best memory of Regent?

(MA): My favorite memories all involve parties at the O and at Founders Inn.

(HC): Do you have any advice for freshmen?

(MA): Get involved and get to know people. Be open-minded to trying new things.

(HC): What is the toughest lesson you’ve learned since being in college?

(MA): Be careful with whom you share personal information! Make sure the person has proven him or herself trustworthy!

(HC): What do you plan on doing after graduation?

(MA): Chaplaincy at a hospital, hospice, or university.

Photo Credit: Michelle Alvarez