HCRU Interview: Michaela Bonner

This week, Regent University Her Campus interviewed our President Michaela Bonner. Check out the interview below!

(Her Campus):  What is your major?

(Michaela Bonner): I'm majoring in Political Communication. It's basically a hybrid of strategic communication and government classes.

(HC): What has been your favorite class at Regent University?

(MB): It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think American Politics and Government I would have to be my favorite. I had a deal with a classmate that whoever got the highest score in the class had to post on Facebook that the other person beat them. It was a hard class and a close call on the grade, but I won by a single point. We had a lot of fun with it!

(HC): What has been your best memory of Regent?

(MB): My first Winter Ball! It's run by the Student Activities Board, and I joined SAB my first semester. It was incredible to see the work we put into Ball preparations during finals week turn into a great event!

(HC): Do you have any advice for freshmen?

(MB): Get involved on campus! You'll burn out if you don't spend time on things outside of school and work, and it's great for learning time management and making new friends. On a more personal note, let your friends grow rather than simply letting them go when you have disagreements. You might meet people who rub you the wrong way your first year, but try not to let your initial impression taint your perception of them forever. Have grace and forgiveness and learn to communicate with people even if you struggle at first. It'll save a lot of friendships!

(HC): What is the toughest lesson you’ve learned since being in college?

(MB): Not everything matters. Sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that keep you from accomplishing everything you set out to do, but it's okay. Just do what you can, and make peace with what doesn't get done. It's hard to do (I still struggle with perfectionism), but letting go makes life a lot less stressful.

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