HCRU Interview: Liz Saint-Louis

This week, we interviewed one of our graduating writers, Liz Saint-Louis, who offered some great advice on following your dreams: check it out!

HerCampus (HC): What is your major?

Elizabeth Saint-Louis (ES): Christian Ministry

HC: What has been your favorite class at Regent University?

ES: This is a hard question; I would have to go with my Psalms class. I had really been struggling with emotions in my relationship with God and my professor taught us that the Psalms speak for us. The psalmists were very emotional. At the end of the class we wrote original psalms and that was really cool.

HC: What has been your best memory of Regent?

ES: I can’t think of any one in particular because where are so many. However, my best overall memory was the encouraging community. Everyone is always there to build you up as an individual and I know that I wouldn’t have grown into the woman I am today without the community here at Regent.

HC:  Do you have any advice for freshmen?

ES: It’s okay if you don’t have your life together. It’s okay if you don’t have a boyfriend. Don’t go searching for one and force yourself to be something you’re not. Let yourself be who you truly are. It really doesn’t matter what others think. Also, study hard and push yourself to reach your full potential. Get out and meet people, make connections, and get involved. It will allow you to gain important skills for when you graduate.

HC: What is the toughest lesson you’ve learned since being in college?

ES: Not everyone is going to like you and you will make many embarrassing mistakes. However, that’s just part of life and you can’t waste your time beating yourself up: you are who you are and your mistakes do not define you.

HC: What do you plan on doing after graduation?

ES: There are a couple things I plan on doing. Short term, I am highly considering starting a ministry for young, single women. I want to show them they have potential and that no one can stop them. I also want them to know that they don’t need a man to feel “complete”. Long term, I want to start a ministry for women who struggle with pornography addictions and lust. I also want to go to divinity school and get my MDiv.

HC: What has been your favorite thing about writing for Her Campus?

ES:  I have freedom to write what I want. There’s not always a thesis or a writing prompt. I am free to explore the different styles of writing and even share important things I am passionate about.

HC: Do you feel Her Campus has helped you grow as a writer?

ES: I think mainly it has given me confidence in my writing ability. Once, you have confidence growing in your writing style, grammar and technique is easy.

HC: What advice would you give to incoming Her Campus members?

ES: Write down article ideas when they come to you, that way you won’t forget them. When you get stuck on what to write, you can look at what you wrote down and develop one of those ideas.

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