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HCRU Interview: Julia Fernandes

This week, Her Campus at Regent University interviewed our new secretary, Julia Fernandes!

Get to know her and her love for history!

(Her Campus): What is your major?

(Julia Fernandas): I want to be a librarian but there is no set undergraduate degree, so I’m majoring in history because I love stories, historical narratives, and random facts.  I’ve taken most of the classes required for a minor in information systems because these relate to library science, and I use English classes for most of my electives because I love literature.

(HC): What has been your favorite class at Regent University?

(JF): Every class I’ve taken with Dr. Elam has been enjoyable, but the Tolkien class was probably my favorite, both because of the subject and Dr. Elam’s exploration of the background and interpretation of the texts.

(HC): What has been your best memory of Regent?

(JF): I love the time I spend with my library family, planning and executing CSLB projects, and debating ideas in class.  Plus a million other things!

(HC): Do you have any advice for freshmen? 

Read your textbooks and pay attention to your professors and what they’re asking of you.

(HC): What is the toughest lesson you’ve learned since being in college?

(JF): Desire to get something done does not equal the discipline to get it done.  You have to work on fulfilling your responsibilities, and not just assume they’ll get done sometime between all your social and extracurricular engagements.

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