Happy Birthday Andy!

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Andy Mineo is a Christian hip hop artist, producer, and video director from New York City. He is signed to Reach Records, home of a few other prominent Christian artists like Lecrae, Trip Lee, KB, and Gawvi. These listed artists, along with a few others, are part of the 116 Clique. The number '116' refers to Romans 1:16 which reads, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile."


Andy Mineo is my favorite rapper from the 116 Clique. His verses are relatable and clever, and I find myself holding onto these lines even when I'm not listening to music. In honor of his birthday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite lines from his verses.


Trip Lee- One Sixteen featuring Andy Mineo and KB

"What love is this? To send His own

To die for sin and take us home

Got me feeling good forget my feelings

When you hear the story about the hero dying for the villain"


  Andy Mineo- Now I Know

"Feelin' jaded, but somehow I still believe in God

I even thought a college education got me a job, man"


Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed- Lay Up

"You ain't even pray for the dinner

How you got the prayin' hands on the 'gram for the picture?"


Andy Mineo- Know That’s Right

"If you stay ready

You ain't gotta get ready"


"First off, rap lied to us

Y'all ain't figured that yet?

They got the whole world tryna ball out

How you ball so hard but you still got debt?

I don't respect anybody that's trying to flex

Y'all lookin' the weakest

Cause I was with a billionaire last week and the boy had Payless sneakers on (get money)

My homegirl started strippin'

I said, chill, get your degree

She told me, Andy you trippin', 'cause you don't make more money than me

Well, you know that's right

But some money always come with a price

I love this life, but I'm sure what I got next, to die for"


Lecrae featuring Andy Mineo- Say I Won't

"Used to only wanna pull up in a black sport

Just a white man excellin' in a black sport

Now I'm really doing pull-ups

Got a honeymoon for the summer tryna get a six-pack for it"


"Say I won't catch 'Crae slippin' in the studio at like 3 AM

Autograph that fo'head with a Sharpie pen and then Instagram

Might swag out a fanny pack

I might bring Velour back

Nobody wanna change the game, man, y'all just want more trap?"


Andy Mineo- AYO!

"Some are uptown, it's like an expo

Like some exposed skin, like a triple x show

Me and my dogs flee, we don't need a vet though

But my flesh be itchin'"


Andy Mineo- Young

"They say live it in your twenties

Go and get yours go and get money"


"This one's really dumb they like have some fun

Now and change tomorrow, but that may never come

And they saying they excuse is that they young

Well you stop making excuses when a man's what you become"


"Don't believe the lies yeah y'all ain't missing nothing

'Cept never ending games of holding on to sand grains"



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