Getting Healthy During The Holidays

Greetings everyone!

The last time I wrote, it was about this journey that I am on to get healthy and lose weight. Trying to eat right and exercise can be tough to start with, but doing it during the holidays can make it even tougher. There’s all the Christmas parties, and lots of home cooked food, sweet treats and my own bad eating habits.

What I’m slowly learning is that if I really want to get healthy, I must make a conscious decision to make healthier eating choices. The weight that I gained wasn’t gained overnight, it was because of my choices to eat excessive amounts of the wrong foods. Now I must start making the right food choices so that I can get healthy and fit. That means that even though it is the holidays and there are several opportunities for me to continue to make the wrong decisions. But my desire to be healthy and fit outweighs any temporarily desire to eat Christmas treats and all the starchy foods.

Some of the ways that I’m going about making healthy choices during the holidays is by doing the things that most people know about but are still effective.

1. Drinking fewer sodas and drinking more water. Sodas are usually my drink of choice and I’ve had a soda or two within the last few weeks. Even though I like drinking soda, I still like drinking water, I just decided to increase the amount that I intake. I challenged myself to drink nothing but water for a week so that I could prove to myself that it was worth it. During that week, I had more energy, felt hydrated and my skin hadn’t looked so good in quite a while.

2. Meal prep. It is easy for me to make excuses for eating fast food when I don’t have anything to cook or just don’t have time. When I take the time to prepare all my breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week I have no excuse to eat out.

3. Watching videos to motivate myself to make healthy choices. It is very easy to not make healthy choices when you don’t feel motivated or see the results right away. But I’ve found that it helps to find ways that will inspire and motivate you to make the right decisions. For me that is watching YouTube videos of other people who have lost weight and getting tips as I embark on my own weight loss journey.

4. Seeing myself at the size and level of health that I want to be. Another way that I’m motivated to make healthy choices is by envisioning myself at the size 14 that I want to be. I see myself being able to work out and run for extended periods of time without struggling. I also see myself for the most part, always feeling energized and healthy instead of fatigued and sick and bloated from eating too much fast food or starchy foods.

These are just a few of the ways that are helping me to make healthy eating choices during the holidays. If you’re trying to get healthy during the holidays like me then I hope that these tips will help you also.

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