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Fear 2 Freedom Event

No one likes to talk about sexual assault. It’s traumatic. It’s violating.

Here at Regent University, we hosted a Fear 2 Freedom event to make the transition out of the hospital more comforting for assault victims. Fear 2 Freedom is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that partners hospitals with universities to assemble kits for sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking victims.  

When victims go into the hospital for an examination after their assault, all their clothes are kept as evidence. The assault is devastating and leaves them stripped of dignity and privacy, so having the clothes they initially came in with taken away makes things that much more difficult.

Did you know

1 in 6 women in America are sexually assaulted.

1 in 33 men in America are sexually assaulted.

1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted during their college experience.

Every 2 seconds someone is sexually assaulted in the United States.

The Fear 2 Freedom kits come with:

T- shirt



Toiletry kit

Pen and journal (adults) or toy (children)

Note from volunteer

Teddy bear

Resource card

“You matter 2” card


I interviewed freshman Ruth Hueber to capture the F2F event from her perspective. The conversation went as follows:

Her Campus Regent University: What inspired you to volunteer with Fear 2 Freedom?

Ruth Hueber: I was inspired to volunteer because I was to come alongside broken men and women in any way that I can. This was a small way but I know what this organization does makes a huge impact.

(HCRU): How was your volunteer experience here different from volunteering elsewhere?

(RH): My experience here was different mainly because it was mostly people my own age who cared about the abuse being done to others sexually at college campuses and elsewhere.

(HCRU): How does the work of F2F impact your view of sexual assault?

(RH): It didn’t really change my view on sexual assault because I have worked with this before, but a reminder is to be mindful of the injustices and to be reminded to pray.

I believe this event was a great way to get involved with the community and partner with the broken. Regent, we will touch many lives with the kits of compassion and love we put together today. I know that hearts will be open and receptive to the gifts we are giving.

As a sexual assault survivor and knowing a handful of others, I know the damage it does to a person. My prayer and hope is that victims will know that they are not alone and that they are thought of.


*All statistics were taken directly from Fear 2 Freedom‘s website.

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