Fall Drinks at Café Moka

Ah fall, how I adore you. I love love love fall. One of the many reasons I love fall is because of the different drinks that come out. Yes I am basic and will drinking PSLs until they’re gone, but Café Moka, the café here at Regent, has some great fall drinks that you have to try out. Keep reading to learn more. 


Halloween Mokatini $4.80

The first drink on the list is the Halloween Mokatini. It’s certainly a slow sipper drink in my opinion because it has a more bitter taste to it. There is no ice but it is a cold drink. So be mindful that you don’t let it get to warm. Be careful— this drink has four shots of espresso. It also has pumpkin spice, chocolate, nutmeg and cream mixed in before it’s shaken with ice and strained. 

Salty Sweet Moka $4.35

The second drink on the list is the Salty Sweet Moka. You can get this drink hot or iced. I decided to go ahead and get it hot. It has a sweet taste but you can definitely taste the saltiness. I think it’s the perfect blend of the two. It’s just the right amount of strength. The drink also includes double espresso, sweet ground cocoa, milk and it’s topped with sweet spiced sea salt.

Golden Tumeric Chai $5.25

The final drink on my list is the Golden Turmeric Chai. I usually like my chai drinks hot however I tried it cold just for the heck of it. The taste itself is great. The drink includes Ceylon black tea, honey, cinnamon, star anise, peppercorn, clove, ginger, vanilla, turmeric, and it is served with soy milk. It is a really nice blend of flavors and it isn’t bitter whatsoever. I would probably just get it hot next time but it is pretty good iced as well. 

While there are multiple drinks on the menu, these were some of my favorites. Even if you don’t want to get anything off the fall menu, you can take a look at the flavors on their menu and create a fall drink of your own. Happy fall!


The full menu is bellow:





Halloween Mokatini $4.80

7oz Cold

Quadruple espresso / pumpkin spice / chocolate / nutmeg / cream / shaken w/ ice & strained


Salty Sweet Moka $4.35

12oz Hot , 16oz Cold

Double espresso / sweet ground cocoa / milk / topped w/ sweet spiced sea salt


Moka Cola $5.40

28oz Cold

Mexican coke / vanilla / topped w/ double espresso / served on ice





Golden Tumeric Chai $5.25

12oz Hot , 16oz Cold

Ceylon black tea / honey / cinnamon / star anise / peppercorn / clove / ginger / vanilla / tumeric / served w/ soy milk


Autumn Tea Latte $3.90

12oz Hot

English breakfast tea / pumpkin spice / vanilla / milk / topped with cinnamon + cloves + vanilla + nutmeg


Virginia Fall Iced Tea $3.15

16 oz Cold

Earl Grey tea / orange zest / cayenne pepper / shaken w/ ice


Autumn Breeze Iced Tea $3.15

16oz Hot

Apple cinnamon tea / cinnamon / walnut bitters / shaken w/ ice