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Christmas Break As Told By Voltron Gifs



So most of us are now fully in Christmas break mode, and a decent amount of us are emotionally dead from dealing with the Voltron: Legendary Defender finale. So, here are some gifs to comfort the soul in this trying time.


1. When you’re trying to finish those last discussion posts so you can go hang with your family and friends:

2. When you’re trying to sneak out with your friends to have a little fun before the whole family arrives but your sibling starts to rat you out:

3. When your mom needs someone to taste test for Christmas dinner:

4. When you find out you have to share a futon with your little sibling (and their ice cold toes):

5. When that one nosy aunt starts bugging you about your love life but your mom steps in to defend you so you can just sit back and watch:

6. When someone puts on the Hallmark channel and you can already feel the sappiness descending upon your poor, unsuspecting soul:

7. When you spy the last serving of sweet potato casserole and no one else is in the room to stop you:

8. When you get the perfect gift that you’d been wanting/needing and you had no idea that the person who got if for you even knew you that well:

9. When someone wants to make a grand, “moving” speech before they give you the Carrabas gift card they picked up on the way there:

10. When that one uncle just keeps going on and on in the before Christmas dinner prayer and you just really want to get at that good turkey:




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