Camino Real: Local Restaurant Review



Down the road from Regent University, you will find many shops and restaurants. However, by far one of the gems is Camino Real located at 5313 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach.  Camino Real is a Mexican restaurant with familiar dishes like fajitas, tacos, and enchiladas. For almost four years I have passed Camino Real on my way to different locations in the area. Finally, in senior year my roommates and I decided to go.  Upon entrance, we were greeted by a friendly host and friendly waitstaff. They lead us to a booth and our group was fascinated by the atmosphere and aesthetic of the restaurant, a combination of Mexican themed murals, decorations, and natural textures. To emphasize the friendliness in the restaurant, the lights emitted a warm glow; creating an atmosphere of happiness and community. From my two times at the restaurant, I felt like any time I entered at the restaurant, regardless of the occasion, it would feel like a celebration.

The two times I have dined at Camino Real so far, I have tried two different dishes. The first dish I had was tacos de pescado ( fish tacos). Most fish tacos I have had usually use fried or battered fish, however, these tacos had fresh grilled fish, lettuce, onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and a sauce that was so well paired with the fish it brought out all the flavors within the taco. If you want a meal that tastes good and is affordable the tacos de pescado is a sure bet. You can have one for $3.50, or three for $9.50 (before tax).

The second time I went to Camino Real I ordered fajitas al pastor ( shepherd style beef fajitas). The fajitas al pastor came with the option to either get one platter or get two.  I chose to get one because it was more affordable, which I'm sure all you college students understand. However, even with just the one, I recommend sharing with another person because it's a lot of food. If you do choose to share between two people you might have to ask for three extra tortillas and have the price of them added to your bill; regardless it would be a very affordable and delicious meal for two as I believe the single platter option of the fajitas al pastor came to about $15.99 with tax. The fajitas al pastor came on a hot iron plate, with well-spiced meat along with bell peppers and onions, and joined together in harmony with bits of pineapple. On a separate plate came different fillers for the fajitas to add with the meat in the tortilla. There was rice, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sour cream, cheese, and if you are lactose intolerant like I am, the waitstaff is more than fine with removing the sour cream and cheese at your request.

Between the two meals I have tasted at the Camino Real, I will have to say the tacos de pescado was more refreshing and tasteful than the fajitas al pastor. However, that is not to say that the fajitas al pastor were subpar at all. It was simply that the fajitas were far more savory and heavy due to the type of dish it is, so if you are very hungry and want something that feels like a real meal, go for the fajitas. But if you want a snack or a light refreshing lunch, get the tacos de pescado; either way, you can’t miss. If you do decide to take this review to heart and try the food, tag me in pics of your food on Instagram at @rebecca_strobel_art . And if you would like more reviews of restaurants in the Virginia Beach area, message me on my social media and tell me! Or hit up our Her Campus Regent accounts!