August Music Highlights

August was a great month for music. I found so many good songs that didn’t make the list, but they’ll be on the playlist linked at the bottom of the article. However, the songs on this short list were some of my favorites and you don’t want to miss the chance to listen to them.


“To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open” by Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke, better known as Robin on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, has come to the music scene with two new songs. Both are very tranquil and are songs you may want to play on a chill day. Out of the two, “To Love a Boy” is my favorite. In this song, she talks about how much she longs to love a boy the way she loves the ocean. I’m from Florida and I love the ocean so this song really hit home for me. I can’t wait to listen to her future music. Listen to both songs here.


“Eat Your Heart Out” by WALK THE MOON

Ah, “Shut Up and Dance” what a staple song we heard everywhere back in 2014. It seems like WALK THE MOON really started to come back to the music scene in recent years and I, for one, am very happy about it. I only recently got into their music but I am glad I started listening to more of them. “Eat Your Heart Out” screams summer to me. The upbeat vibes really make it a feel good vacation song. It’s a song perfect for rolling the windows down and blasting on the highest volume. Listen to “Eat Your Heart Out” by WALK THE MOON here.


“Cinnamon Girl” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is back with her latest album and— oh my— is it everything. I have loved Lana for years and this is probably my favorite album of hers. I have many favorites from this album, but I decided to highlight “Cinnamon Girl.” One thing I love about her music is how dreamy it is. This song is no different. Its dream-like and calm melody really makes your heart swoon. This album is a great way to start off September. Listen to Cinnamon Girl here.


“Roddy” by Djo

Djo, also known as, Joe Keery. I love him with my whole heart. Joe, who plays heartthrob Steve Harrington from the hit show Stranger Things, already has a history making music with his band Post Animal, but I am happy to see that he’s starting to make solo albums as well. "Roddy" is the first of the singles that he’s been putting out and it is very funky. Its worth a listen. Listen to “Roddy” by Djo.

I hope you enjoyed this list and maybe you even found one of your new favorite song or songs. To listen to more of my August favorites listen here and I’ll see you next time!