Are You In The Christmas Spirit?


1) Have you baked or eaten any seasonal desserts?*


There's nothing that says Christmas like some yummy desserts baked by your family or friends (or you, if you're into baking). With so many gatherings with friends, family, and coworkers, why not try baking your own goodies to share? Here is a list of easy goodies to make in case you need to bring something to share for a party.


2) Listened to Christmas music or caught yourself singing a carol?


 Mariah Carey Celebrity Christmas GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It can't be helped. Everywhere you go from now on will be playing Christmas music. It's inevitable that one or two tunes would entrap themselves in your mind. If you're a person who is totally into Christmas songs or you need a playlist or two to get you into the mood for Christmas, here are two!


3) Worn seasonal print?


It's about that time again. You know, the one where everyone wears ugly and ironic Christmas sweaters (or unironic, but that's less fun). This is the time of year when you can wear anything Christmassy and pull out those one-occasion earrings, leggings, or socks you own. No one can judge you. You can dress up like an elf and no one will bat an eye. What? You don't have any Christmas gear? For shame! Here you can find some ironic and enjoyable ugly Christmas sweaters.


4) Gotten a seasonal drink from Starbucks?


No? How have you not been to Starbucks yet? Are you even alive? With the return of fan favorites like the peppermint mocha and gingerbread latte, how could you not go? Not to mention the first year that the juniper latte has been released nationwide.  Even if you're not a coffee drinker, there are plenty of delicious hot chocolate flavors to try. Not into hot chocolate? Try any number of seasonal teas! Here is a list of the festive drinks available this year.


5) Watched any number of Christmas films?


This is for sure a must for the Christmas spirit. There's nothing like relaxing curled up in a blanket with a warm drink and a super predictable and unrealistic Christmas film on. With Hallmark releasing 34 new original Christmas movies and Netflix dropping classic stories with a twist like "Princess Swap", original ideas like "The Holiday Calendar", or even streaming classics like "Love Actually", there's really no reason for you to not spend the rest of the year engaged in a marathon of cheesy romances. Don't forget the sequel to "A Christmas Prince" is already streaming! Here is a list of Christmas movies on Netflix to get you started!


5) Planned gifts?


An important part of the Christmas season is gift giving. Sometimes, it gets hard. Not everyone can be super creative, and everyone has seen many Christmases. What do you get that friend who loves makeup, but owns everything she could ever desire? What about that guy who you don't even know that well? Even Secret Santa gifts can be difficult. Here is a list of unique and interesting Christmas gift ideas.


6) Gone holiday shopping?


Let's be honest, a lot of us aren't even going to leave our homes to do gift shopping (Amazon is magic). It's one thing if you're already out, but hardly anyone goes out specifically to go gift shopping anymore. However, there are some places that usually have really good deals on some pretty decent stuff like Marshall's, T.J. Maxx, and Walmart. Shopping around is key in finding the perfect gift.


7) Held a funeral for your wallet after holiday shopping?


Keep a budget in mind for next year. Also, try to keep your spending to a minimum with cheap gifts that are sure to please.



8) Worked out plans for celebrating?


You can celebrate with others of course, but why not alone? Get yourself a gift or two. Do a face mask. Watch a movie. Eat a few treats. Sing carols. The best part is not even having to put on clothes and going to bed when you want.


9) Felt jolly recalling your childhood Christmas memories?


There is nothing like Christmas when you are in your younger years. It reigns supreme over the other holidays and was always the best season of life at school and at home. Here is a list of nostalgic Christmas movies you may want to reminisce. Plus, there was nothing like getting the hottest toy of the year under the tree. Check out these 30 toys that were on the top of every kid's Christmas list in the 90s.


10) Given a gift to a stranger?


Christmas is a good time to spread the love. While it is true that it is a good time to spend with your friends and family, what about the people who are less fortunate in other parts of the world or even in your own neighborhood? Here's a link to a few organizations you might want to consider giving a little cheer to this Christmas.