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She smiles and the world smiles with her.

She laughs and everyone falls in love with her and the joke. She sings and you can hear every heart in the room break just a little bit as they give her a standing ovation. Do they know, that every night when the show ends, she goes home to someone who doesn’t love her, doesn’t appreciate her, doesn’t see her for value or potential? All he sees is another notch on his belt. All he sees is a story to brag to his friends about. All he sees is just another girl.

But she loves him. She loves him with all of her heart, all of her time, all of her finances even, but he just sees another girl.

She comes home late at night and still gets up early in the morning to cook breakfast for him, but he just sees another girl.

She writes songs and poems about him. She gives him the best love he has ever had in his life, but he just sees another girl. She is steadfast. She withstands all the verbal, physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Still, he just sees another girl.

Tonight, that is going to change. When he shows up with her on his arm and he just holds her like she’s nothing more than eye-candy, she is going to see someone else – she’s gone. She is going to see what a real man looks like. She is going to find the gentleman. She is going to find the man who looks at her and doesn’t just see another girl. He sees a treasure, a gem, the best thing that life, that God could ever give to him. She will move beyond. And that gentleman will take care of her, he will help her pursue her goals and dreams.

As for the other guy, he’ll just move on to another girl.

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