5 Healthy Substitutes For Coffee

We're always on the run and always have something on our plates. We tend to run to the point of exhaustion. In these times, coffee has gained a monopoly on the souls of many that require caffeine. If not coffee, then a cola like Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper has gained favor. Well I'm here to tell you, there are ways to get a little energy and not feel like trash for taking in tons of sugar, if you're a person who worries about such things.


1. Avitae

 One of the most well-known facts about caffeine is that it is tied with dehydration. However it is not solely the caffeine that causes dehydration. In fact, it is mainly caused by the sugars and artificial flavoring found in most substances that contain caffeine.

 According to the Ávitāe website, it is able to both hydrate and energize, providing 45 mg per bottle (about half the caffeine of a cup of brewed coffee).

Hydrate and Energize! Considering that most of the population of the United States is not drinking enough water, this may be a nice compromise for someone who needs a caffeine intervention.

 2. Yerba Mate

If you are like me, you may have no idea what yerba mate is. I certainly had never heard of it until I began researching for this article. Let me tell you, it is not related to Coffee-mate creamers.

 Yerba Mate is widely consumed in South America. It is made using the dried leaves of the yerba mate plant. The leaves are chopped, crushed, or ground, then mixed with warm water to produce the much loved drink of South America. It has recently been gaining popularity in Europe and the United States due to its many health benefits.

 Mate tea contains nutrients like polyphenols, xanthines, saponins; minerals like zinc, iron, manganese; and vitamins C, B1, and B2. Yerba Mate improves cognition, promotes digestion, reduces obesity, and strengthens bones among its plentiful health benefits.

 Providing about 80 mg of caffeine per serving, it seems to be a decent source of caffeine and other things we may be missing due to a lackluster diet.

 3. Tea

Many of us already are aware that tea is a source of caffeine. Some of us don't like tea. If you don't keep reading- you may like tea a little more if you learn its benefits!

 Black Tea by far contains the most caffeine with about 70 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce cup. Black tea can help lower one's risk of diabetes (it seems like everything can these days), relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, and accelerate skin regeneration among many, many other benefits.

 Matcha Tea has antioxidants and about 30 mg of caffeine.

 As a person who enjoys tea, I would like to say, there is a tea out there for everyone. Some are fruity, some are spicy, and no matter what your need, there's probably a tea out there for it. Want to have healthier hair? Try Oolong tea. Want to ease a headache or insomnia? Try Rooibos tea. Want to increase bone health? Try White tea.

 See what I mean?

 4. Guarana Berry Extract

The guarana berry is very caffeinated. It contains 200% more caffeine than coffee beans. It also promotes weight loss and bowel health.

 It can be made into a tea, but most commonly, the extract of guarana berries can be bought and added into whatever you normally drink for an energy boost. Of course, you should be careful with intake due to its high caffeine content.

 5. Kola Nut

Kola nuts are native to tropical rainforests of Africa known to have medicinal purposes. They are often used for flavor in soda, which is where the term "cola" came from. In certain ceremonies they are chewed or eaten, so they can be digested in their nut state.

 Kola nuts are known to boost metabolism, increase circulation, improve digestion, boost the immune system, and promote weight loss. They contain 1.5%-2% of caffeine and theobromine, so these babies really pack a punch! Extracts and supplements of the kola nut can contain anywhere between 800-1000 mg of real kola nut extract.

 Well? After this list, I bet you feel pretty silly for depending on coffee this time and missing out on all the health benefits of things you either didn't know or don't care about. Now, go forth and continue drinking coffee. I know you just like the taste of it.


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