5 Festive Ways To Celebrate Fall

Sticking with the theme I started in my last article, let’s talk more about fall! Autumn is such an exciting and adventurous time: there’s always something fun to do. I’m super excited for all the fun activities that come with the fall season.

1. One of the activities that I’ve been thinking about doing and that I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about on social media is going to haunted houses. I’ve never been to a haunted house myself and I don’t really have plans to go to one, but for those who enjoy being scared I will live vicariously through you.

2. Another fun yet frustrating activity to try is a corn maze. I completed a corn maze for the first time last year and it was fun, but frustrating because trying to find the exit was such a difficult task. What made it fun was the fact that I had a mini photoshoot and I was with a group of cool people. We eventually made it out and then had fun with the animals that were on the farm.

3. One of my favorite things to do is go on a hay ride when fall comes around. Not exactly sure what is super exciting about sitting in a wagon full of hay, but it is super relaxing if nothing else.

4. One of my favorite activities is picking pumpkins. Well….decorating is really my favorite part, but what makes going to a pumpkin patch fun is going with your favorite people and finding the best pumpkins to decorate.

5. Of course, there are some activities for the homebodies, as well, such as chilling at home with your favorite fall snacks and drinks and watching Halloween movies.

Whatever you do, just make sure to enjoy the season!

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