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Trick or treat! 

 The time of the year has arrived when maybe you eat one too many bite sized snickers. You may get sick, it happens. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween!” I bet some of you sang along as you read that.  

 Where does Halloween come from, anyway? Every year on October 31 children dress up and go trick or treating and some adults go incognito as well and attend parties, but why?  

 Halloween originates from an ancient European festival in which people would light fires and dress up to ward off spirits and ghosts. It was initially known as All Hallows Eve

 Enough with the history lesson, though, and onto the fun stuff! 

 Below is a list of fun things to do this Halloween! 

 Pumpkin patch 

Don’t we all love hayrides?! I’m not sure what I enjoy the most between the hayride and the actual choosing of a pumpkin to carve. I love being able to go out and see dozens of pumpkins, then choosing the one that catches my eye most. I know it seems super cheesy, but it’s really nice for both families and couples. Some patches also consist of a farmer’s market where you can get all your fall items. Another interesting thing I’ve seen at pumpkin patches are corn mazes.  

 Trick or Treating  

There’s always the typical American way of celebrating Halloween. The options for costumes are endless. People dress up as everything from bananas, to princesses, to bloody zombies. If you want to get more bang for your buck and more of an experience, you could even put together a costume of your own. Take precautions if this is the way you choose to spend your Halloween. Never go anywhere alone, and carry some sort of light with you.  

 Halloween party  

This is a great way to have lots of fun with friends and/or family on this spooky evening! There is food, candy, music, and dancing all night. Not to say that you shouldn’t take precautions and watch your surroundings (primarily speaking to those who plan on attending college parties), but this is a bit safer than going out in the dark and walking around at all hours of the night.  

 Amusement park or haunt clubs  

Did I catch the attention of all the thrill seekers? For those of you in Virginia, I know that Busch Gardens has an amazing Halloween special throughout the month of October. Likewise, haunt clubs offer scary mazes and other thrills. The good thing about these types of things is that you get the Halloween feel while doing an activity that you could do year-round, like going to the amusement park.  

 There are lots of exciting things to do this Halloween. I hope this short list gave you a few ideas

Be safe and have fun! 

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