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3 Reasons to Try Witch Hazel

I’ve always known that witch hazel has some time-proven benefits for skin. However, I never bought any simply because I only recently started using actual facial cleanser on my face and not just Dove soap. The ironic thing is, shortly after beginning my new washing routine with new cleanser, my hormones went wonky and I started breaking out. I’m not sure if it was the change of seasons, but nothing I was doing seemed to be helping. If I cleansed and tried to let my face dry out the oils naturally, my skin would get flaky. If I moisturized my face after watching, my pores would get clogged and I would break out more. I wish I had never switched from Dove.

Yet, witch hazel came and saved the day!

I bought witch hazel for two reasons. One, I like buying things. Two, I had a feeling that it would work. I wasn’t planning to buy the hydrating toner, but all the original was sold out. After one use, I noticed a tremendous difference in my skin. Maybe because it is a moisturizing toner, but I didn’t apply any moisturizer after and I didn’t feel like a mummy. The next morning my skin looked refreshed and the breakouts that were starting stopped in their tracks.

Here are three reasons to try witch hazel today:

It is an excellent toner and astringent.

A toner removes oil, but an astringent cleans and closes pores. It’s a two in one. As written by Natural Living Ideas, witch hazel contains a lot of tannins, which can purge pollutants from pores. http://www.naturallivingideas.com/witch-hazel-uses/

It’s not as harsh as alcohol.

I’m not sure why, but when trying to dry out a zit, alcohol works really well. However, it’s not as effective as witch hazel because it affects the pH balance of the skin, so it could irritate the skin and cause more breakouts (as I’ve learned).

It is pretty affordable.

A sixteen ounce bottle cost me about six dollars and I only need to use a bit on a cotton ball after washing my face. This bottle will last a while and it’s not an expensive risk to take if your skin doesn’t like it.

My skin has noticed a big difference after using witch hazel. It’s softer, more radiant, and not as prone to breakouts or dry skin. If you’re facial cleansing routine isn’t working well for you, maybe you just need to try a new toner.

Tiyra is a senior at Regent University studying English with a concentration in communications. No, she does not want to be a teacher. She is a total advertising and marketing geek (she reads Adweek every morning and AdAge every month). She enjoys writing, reading, learning new things, and good music. She is a fan of Korean dramas, they're a lot of fun! If you're looking for her, you can normally find her where the free food is.
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