12 Things You Never Want To Hear Your Driver Say

When someone gives you a ride, depending on how well you know them, you may or may not know their driving style.  You may or may not know how well they can drive, how long they’ve been driving, or whether or not they often are breaking the law while driving.

With that said, there are multiple little sentences drivers can say that make you suddenly feel...well, like jumping out of the car. Here are a few:


1. I’m really suppose to be wearing my glasses while driving, but…”


 But you forgot them?! Okay, so, why are you trying to kill me?


2. “I’m having a really hard time trying to see the road, and all the other cars actually.” 


One day my mom said this while driving me and a couple of my friends in the pouring rain.  It was terrifying!


3. While going over multiple hills: “Wait, where is the road? I lost sight of the road!”


And this is where you start praying you’ll make it out alive.


4. “Is that a cop behind me? I’ve been pulled over so many times for reckless driving!”


Why did I just get in your car and trust you with my dear life?


5. “Yeah, I just got my license yesterday”


Could’ve told me this before I got in.  I don’t want to be in your car during your test run!


6. “I don’t even have a license”


There are no words.


7. “Oh wow, that was close”


Did I really almost die, and not even know it?


8. “Tighten your seatbelt, because…”




9. “Yeah, I’m not that good at driving, especially this time of day”


Yup...okay, I’ll drive.


10. “Ah, there’s something in my eye!”


Just. Don’t. Panic.


11. “I can’t see the intersection...I guess I’ll just go”


Wait! Let me jump out first!


12. “I’ve never been good at knowing when to yield...well, YOLO!!!”


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get yourself and others killed.