12 Things You Forgot You Did in Your Childhood

There are many things you once did as a child. When you got older, you probably don’t think about all these little things. Here are a few things that might sound familiar.

1. You jumped on different colored tiles in stores to avoid the “lava.”

When you walked with your mother through the store, you sorted out what color tiles were good to step on, and what colored tiles were to be avoided.

2. You hid from your parent in between the clothing racks in stores at the mall.

The clothes in the stores were so much fun to hide behind.

3. You pretended the stairs in your house where mountains you had to climb

They really were just stairs, but in your mind, you saw a great tall mountain to climb.

4. You fell very quickly in and out of friendships by simply saying “I want to be friends” or “I’m not your friend anymore”

It was once so easy to be “friends” – for like two seconds – and then be sworn enemies for another 2 seconds. Some of those friendships are actually still there today.

5. You didn’t care how you looked

You would roll out of bed, find random clothes (that may or may not have matched) and go about your day.  That is, until your mother found you and made you look decent.

6. You thought 12 year-olds were really old

When you watched kids movies, you would look at the main characters and think that they were so much older than you.  Looking back, there was probably only about a four year age difference.

7. You thought adults had life all figured out

You had the idea that as soon as you hit 18, all this knowledge would be in your head, you would have your own house, and you would have a decent life.  You also thought that all parents knew the answer to all of life’s questions.

8. When you thought of the “mall” you thought of the play place

The indoor playground was definitely the coolest facility in the mall!

9. You made up unique words for whatever items or things you didn’t know the name of

If you didn’t know what it was called, you came up with your own name for it.

10. You thought you were cool when you drank soda and chewed gum

You often saw “big kids” do this while standing by the street side.  Therefore, you tried to mimic these poses as you drank your soda and chewed gum.

11. You cried and got angry for the most “senseless” things

Looking back at the things that once upset you...it was totally not worth it, and senseless!

12. You thought adult conversations were “boring”

When you watched your parents talk to other adults, you couldn’t help but wonder how they found talking about life more interesting than playing with toys.