11 Looks From Riri To Inspire You For Winter Ball



2018 is slowly coming to a close, as is the fall semester here at Regent. You know what that means: it's time for Winter Ball! While the season is filled with cheer from Christmas being around the corner and stress from final papers and exams also waiting to sucker punch, you'll regret not thinking about what kind of dress you wanted sooner. 


As a major fashion icon, Rihanna continually slays in my Instagram feed. What better way to close out the year than a compilation of her looks on Instagram this year? Maybe one of them could inspire your dress this year! Also, as a fun way to honor of #dressember, we'll focus on Rihanna's dresses in her 2018 Insta feed.


February 21, 2018



This look is like a reverse dress. I've never seen anything like it. I mean, it has all the components of a dress, just turned upside down. I call this look "cupcake," but I have no clue what actually inspired it. The dress(?) allows for a lot of movement, perfect for dancing the night away at the ball!


April 6, 2018


This is an iconic look that sings of the fifties with its belt that cinches at the waist for a nice body-hugging fit. The leather fabric gives the dress a "bad girl" vibe while the ornate belt buckle takes the center in this piece. This dress is both simple and flashy and is sure to catch a lot of eyes. Movement should probably be kept to a minimum though, it looks like the dress will ride up.


May 3, 2018


Now, this look may not be entirely "appropriate" for the occasion seeing as how it's averaging 40 degrees and all, but this look is still a banger. If you're looking to catch the light of the Christmas lights and #glow then maybe you should consider a neutral colored metallic dress. It pairs easily with accessories, plus you'll probably wear it again someday.


May 6, 2018


I promise if you show up in a ballgown with a train I'm going to hype you up so much. This look gives me all types of Disney princess vibes. (Maybe the yellow is screaming Belle from Beauty and the Beast.) The gown is amazing, but maybe such a long train isn't best for the ball. There isn't enough space and people are going to step all over it. The dress has intricate embellishments of gold. Combined with the gold accessories (living for that headdress), the whole outfit seems magical.


May 8, 2018


If you don't really like accessories, try some patterns. They usually catch the eye and keep you from looking like there's something missing. Rihanna kills in this long-short dress that gives a more modern take on classic gowns. The cut follows the body lines and doesn't hide her figure, but it also adds a little extra with the skirt that wraps around. This look demands respect.


May 29, 2018


This look is the classic fit and flare and it looks oh so lovely on anyone wanting to show off some curves. Its solid coloring lets the eyes move about freely to examine other things… like that gorgeous handlet. This dress probably isn't suited for dancing, but if you just want to look good for the pictures, this might be the look for you.


June 7, 2018


This look isn't too form fitting, but the ruffles draw the eyes toward the face where you can show off your killer makeup. It would also probably look good during the swing portion of the ball, if you know how to swing dance.


June 18, 2018


Simple, but cute. Wrapped up in gold, you'll look like Willy Wonka's golden ticket!


August 20, 2018


While it is a summer look there are some things to love about it. One, the dress is a one piece but appears to have a separate bodice and skirt. Two, she paired the look with simple accessories like bangles and drop earrings. Three, she paired it with casual shoes. Honestly, the heels are for the pictures. If your dress is long enough, why bother? Last year I sported my red chucks with my gown.


October 4, 2018


This monochromatic snakeskin look. Now, you don't have to go buy a bunch of snakeskin stuff, but maybe the matching patterns thing can be cute.


October 5, 2018


And here we have Christmas embodied into a dress. I am heart-eyed over this look! I love the bodycon jumpsuit that is lacy and delicate with the skirt on top. Rihanna looks like a beautiful snow fairy. The bow front adds a simple flare to the look. Plus, high neck dresses are totally chic.


All images sourced from: https://www.instagram.com/badgalriri/ and Vogue (link above)