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Ways to Eat Vegetarian on Campus!

Being a vegetarian on campus seems completely impossible right? Think Again! Check out this week's vegetarian dining options at the Trustees Pavillion

Entree-Green Beans;vegetarian,vegan 
Dessert-Oreo Seven Layer Bar; vegetarian
Grill- Mediterranean Veggie Burger; vegetarian
Pizza-Cheese Pizza; vegetarian
Soup-Cream of Broccoli Soup, vegetarian
Soup-Vegetarian Chili Bean Soup; vegetarian
Garlic bread; vegetarian


Dessert-Walnut Blondies;vegetarian
Entree-Napa Valley Steamed Vegetables;vegan
Exhibition-Tofu Pad Thai Stir Fry Plate; vegetarian
Grill-Mediterranean Veggie Burger;vegetarian
International-Spicy Vegetables with Crispy Noodles;vegetarian
Pizza-Cheese Pizza;vegetarian
Garlic Bread;vegetarian

Dessert-Cowboy Cookies;vegetarian
Entree-Steamed Cauliflower;vegetarain
Entree-Fresh Broccoli; vegan
Exhibition-Seasoned Flatbread
Grill-Grilled Cheese Sandwich;vegetarian
Grill-Mediterranean Veggie Burger;vegetarian
International-Vegetarian Walnut Patty;vegetarian
Pizza-Cheese Pizza;vegetarian
Soup-Fire Roasted Corn Soup;vegetarian

For more info check out the Dining Services site at Ramapo! What are some of the ways you eat vegetarian on campus?

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