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The Secret to Love

Some girls just want to  fall in love.  We want that Disney fairy tale ending with our prince charming riding on his white stallion with that kiss that makes our foot pop. What happens when reality sets in and we realize we don’t have love in our life? Sure we panic and cry as we tell ourselves that we will never find that special someone. But worry no more! Here’s a simple bit of advice about love that I’ve heard countless times before: Stop worrying about it!

You have more fun

All that worrying over whether or not you will find Mr. Right is time consuming. Go out and live your life by haning out with friends and socialize! Once you get your mind off of finding love you will realize there is so much more to life. Enjoy it!

You put less pressure on yourself

When you break down that wall of doubt the rewards can be liberating. Stop giving yourself a time frame to fall in love and don't view all the relationships around you as a sign that you are doomed to be alone forever. Take a breath. You’ve got time. What’s the rush?

Confidence Booster

When you stop worrying about finding a man you realize you don’t need one. Yes, it’s possible to live a happy life without a guy! Just think about what you’ve got going for you in your own life. A guy can’t give you that confidence. That is something you have to find it within yourself!

Good Things do Happen!

All that worrying and doubt can blind us in situations where love may form. We become so consumed with finding that special someone that we may glance over someone who is interested. Once you abandon all those negative feelings, love may pop up unexpectedly. After all, guys dig chicks with killer confidence! So don’t fret ladies. Love will find it’s way into your life!

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