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Ramapo’s 5k Color Run

Ever heard of those insanely fun color races and really wanted to participate? Well, here’s your chance Ramapo!  On Sunday, April 13, Ramapo College is hosting its first annual Ramapo 5k Run with Color, right here on campus! It’s not just limited to students, so feel free to invite fam and friends!

Things you should know beforehand

To participate, you must register at Roadrunner Central.  Make sure to show your student ID and get the health waiver signed first because you will not be able to buy a ticket/wristband ($15), without handing it in first!  If you choose to register the day of the race, registration is at the Archway and will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., and will cost you $20.  The race will start at 10.

While you may be used to doing color races, know beforehand that you are NOT supplied with white tee shirts, so make sure to wear your own! Make sure to also wear things that you do not mind getting a little (okay, maybe a lot!) of color on!

Whether you are five or 95, the 5k Color Run doesn’t discriminate-- everyone is welcome!  Not a runner? That’s more than fine! You will still get color thrown on you even if you walk!! 

Worthy Causes

While the price goes up on the day of the event, both prices are HALF of what you would pay at a standard color run, so take advantage of this awesome deal!  All of the money raised goes directly to the American Cancer Society as well as the Children’s Specialized Hospital, two awesome causes!


To find out more information and stay updated, LIKE the Facebook page for the event! 

While Ramapo’s color run is a mock-up of the famous color races, you can still check out the popular Color Vibe site for some extra info.  This may help better inform you on these types of events and how to prepare!


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