Funding Our Future, or Building a Campaign? Governor Christie Visits Ramapo

OK GIRLS, time to put on our nerd glasses for a minute cause this is kinda big news on campus-- but hey, glasses are in, don't worry!

You may have heard that Governor Chris Christie came to campus today. Well sista, you're right! But why you ask? Let me help you out:

The New Jersey Governor Election is only 35 days away, and our Govna' came this morning to deliver some goods--MONEY!

Governor Christie gave a speech on how great his college years were, how Ramapo is an absolutely great school, and how he’s happy to report that we’ll be benefiting financially from the Building Our Future Bond Act.

“This is not only an investment for the future, but it’s an investment for today,” Christie said. Ramapo was in the top 262 schools in the North Jersey area ranked in the Princeton Review-- GO ROADRUNNERS! We'll be receiving $20 million out of the $1.3 billion that is planned to be spent over the next three years.

Governor Christie’s main point in his speech was honoring Ramapo and sharing how schools like ours will be producing future leaders of America—OBV!

From encouraging students to involve themselves in stem cell research facilities opening up, to joking around that the “Governor” position will be opening up in four years (hey, who knows?!), he gave us an idea of how the investment at Ramapo will benefit us. By 2018, there will be an abundance of jobs available to New Jersey college students who are scrambling for work—HOPE SO!

I made sure to have a quick chat with some fellow Roadrunners to see what people are thinking:

“I think what he’s doing is a positive thing, and he’s only trying to help our school, and our campus atmosphere. Also, him coming here is helping with his campaign, and gaining potential voters,” said junior Michele Mattia.

While some stayed optimistic like Mattia, others were questioning the Governor’s intentions.

"I felt as though through his speech he was saying, 'I helped grant you 20 million dollars for a new building, so vote for me for re-election.' He didn't give any time for Q&A, which my peers and I were looking forward to," junior Samantha Eichmann said. "Him leaving immediately after his speech made it seem as though he was running away from our questions."

Christie has trash talked teachers, claiming they are robbing the state…ouch. Was Christie true to his word by saying he will be back to visit, without a campaign so close? The students, faculty and staff will have to see.