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Eat This, Not That!

You might have seen the popular “Men’s Health” Column “Eat This, Not that” on Yahoo.com, but I can’t stress enough the power of substitution diets, especially in the collegiate diet!  Instead of dieting in general, substituting junk foods for a healthier alternative allows you to eat healthy without going on a crash diet. Although dining halls have that all you can eat appeal, sometimes its hard saying no to some of our favorite foods. With these small quick fixes, say goodbye to unhealthy eating without sacrificing the foods you love.
The Soda Addict

Yes I’ll admit as self confessed soda addict this one can be hard, but did you soda has tons of sugar not to mention calories. According to USA Today, “one 20-ounce can of cola contains 15 teaspoons of sugar.” The Alternative?  Stick with Seltzer Sodas instead. With half the calories and added sugars of regular sodas! Don’t believe me? Adirondack Seltzer has absolutely no calories, sodium, or added sugars.  Your welcome!

The Potato Chip Princesses
When you are writing that paper, who doesn’t want to snack on some potato chips to help you along the way! However that little bag of joy doesn’t necessarily love you back!  According to CalorieCount.com, a 1-ounce bag of Lay’s potato chips has 150 calories and 90 grams of fat.  With an additional 180 milligrams of sodium, maybe its time you rethink your late-night snack! My suggestion? Kale chips yes, Kale chips are a great alternative! Made from the Kale vegetable, these chips are crispy, yummy, and not to mention nutritious! Made with three simple ingredients that you probably have in your own kitchen closet, check out this recipe from AllRecipes.com

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