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Campus Cutie: Lauren Fuhring

As Vice President of SGA, this cutie knows how to work hard and be a leader, but still makes time for fun and hanging with friends.


Major: Business Management

Birthday: April 26

Fav animal: Kangaroo

Celebrity Crush: Robert Downey Jr.


Her Campus: So I understand you’re Vice President of the Student Government Association, what’s that like?

Lauren Fuhring: As Vice President of SGA, I’m pretty busy all the time. I work with clubs, help get their constitutions approved, and help them grow into legitimate organizations on campus.


HC: Are you involved in anything else on campus?

LF: Other than SGA, I work closely with the president of the org since I’m actually planning on running for president of SGA for the next year. Other than SGA, I’ve been a student ambassador but that kind of fell to the wayside since I’m so active in SGA.


HC: What’s your dream career? Do you have any internships?

LF: My dream career is to be the COO of a company or HR VP of a company. Right now I am an HR intern at Atlantic Records and I absolutely love it.


HC: What are your hopes for the future?

LF: In the future, I hope to live in the city, be able to afford a nice vacation here-and-there, and most importantly be happy.


HC: Are you in a relationship?

LF: I’m currently single.


HC:  What do you look for in a guy?

LF: In a guy, I love a great personality and sense of humor. If a guy can’t make me laugh or take a joke, it won’t work out. I also like a guy who’s really driven and has goals in life. I’m very motivated so I like a guy that is too.

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